Coherent Routing

Converging IP and optical layers? Don’t forget multi-layer operations.

Facing intense competition and rising customer expectations, service providers are looking to converge their IP and optical layers to lower cost, achieve scale, and improve network sustainability. But evolving networks in today’s environment requires a holistic approach—one that grows organically from existing networks, but goes beyond just collapsing IP and optical layers. It’s critical to consider coordinated multi-layer operations, which is the key to unlocking IP/optical convergence success. Without it, providers are limited in their ability to plan, manage, and automate their converged networks.

An effective IP/Optical convergence strategy is more than just a plug in a router—Ciena’s Coherent Routing is designed with that in mind. Bringing together the latest in IP and optical technology innovation, including Ciena’s new WaveRouterTM  coherent metro router, our solution is driven by cutting-edge multi-layer operations and automation and supported by Ciena Services. This holistic approach is critical to cultivating a network that is simplified, fluid, and ready to adapt to changing market conditions.”

Coherent Routing: A rapid evolution to IP/Optical convergence

Service providers are looking to simplify their networks through convergence—it’s the competitive edge they need. To reap the benefits of converging the IP and optical layers of their networks, providers need a new approach. In this blog, Ciena’s Scott McFeely outlines how combining the best in IP, coherent optics, flexible photonics, and multi-layer control and automation can deliver real performance and sustainability advantages.

What is Coherent Routing?

To remain competitive, service providers must find a way to rapidly and cost-effectively scale their networks to address surges in bandwidth demand and deliver a faster time to market for new services. Coherent routing is a path to evolve metro and edge networks. This article covers the basics of coherent routing, explaining what it is, and the key elements to consider in this critical network evolution.

Achieving IP/Optical Convergence Success with Coherent Routing

Shifting market dynamics—including 5G, and the cloud—are driving new traffic patterns, the move to virtualized and distributed applications, and the need for higher bandwidth and lower latency at the network edge. Coherent routing can play a key role in helping operators address these challenges. This infobrief outlines Ciena’s Coherent Routing solution, which is designed to achieve simplified networks that are highly scalable and sustainable.

Answers require candid discussion

Ciena executives strip away the hype and break down the key requirements for successful IP/Optical convergence.

Understanding the bigger picture for IP/Optical convergence

To validate the market’s readiness for IP/Optical convergence, Ciena partnered with Heavy Reading to conduct a global survey. In this blog, Ciena shares what service providers are saying about the ‘why’ and ‘how’ of this critical transformation, as well as the bigger end game for IP/Optical convergence.