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Internet, video, and business services.
Redefining the MSO.

Driving network evolution from the backbone to the edge to improve customer Quality of Experience (QoE)

Innovations in high-speed data, Internet access, cloud, and managed service offerings have made Cable MSOs leaders in consumer services and enterprise applications. To thrive in an on-demand world, cable needs to uplift service quality and speed to market. As video gives way to streaming content—and legacy networks transition to data center technologies—MSOs need to modernize their networks with Fiber Deep to enable the Adaptive Network.

New architecture to improve QoE

It’s an on-demand world. Exceeding user expectations is critical to long-term success. To maintain their advantage, Cable MSOs are reshaping their legacy, pushing fiber deeper and closer to the customer. This improves customer QoE, offers higher bandwidth capacity, and enables access to advanced applications—all while reducing operational costs.

Industry Trends

No. 1

The Adaptive Network

Only a network that’s set up to get smarter and more agile every day will enable operators to adapt to the ever-changing needs of end-users.

No. 2

Fiber Deep architecture

Content delivery, mobile-edge computing, and the redefined network edge provide near real-time responsiveness and the ability to scale with demand, resulting in better QoE, improved performance, and reduced operational costs.

No. 3

Highly responsive Internet services

By leveraging a data center approach, utilizing technologies like virtualization, caching, and Software-Defined Networking (SDN) for the headend, MSOs can keep customers satisfied while browsing or streaming video—lowering abandonment rates and ensuring online transactions or Over-The-Top (OTT) services work flawlessly.

Industry insights

Customer and quality are the center of the cable operator’s world. Modernization of the network is critical in extending their reach and quality to follow customers beyond the home. Capabilities like Wi-Fi and small cells deployed in parks, train stations, and places where people want to be connected provide value-add services that improve loyalty and subscriber retention.

For businesses of all sizes, MSOs are offering higher capacity choices—providing connectivity at competitive price points that offer diversity and distinction from other provider networks. With so much capacity, Cable MSOs are putting pressure on competitive providers while taking share of Data Center Interconnect (DCI), mobile networks, and vertical market segments.

Ciena insights

Cable is placing a bet on QoE across all areas of their business. Capacity, speed, and virtualization with SDN and Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) are helping drive cable forward. Investments in modernizing their networks and operational processes is key to maintaining a competitive advantage while supporting existing services and operational process. To accomplish this goal, networks are becoming more efficient by adopting data-center technologies inside the core while restructuring access with Fiber Deep—uplifting their plant and extending their reach to capture new markets.

The Adaptive Network plays an import role and provides a foundation for future capabilities for cable operators. They need to deliver a next-gen level of experience that meets customer expectations for flexibility, control, and high-quality anytime/anywhere access. For businesses, Cable MSOs want to be positioned as the broadband provider that enables IT transformation.

The Adaptive Network, combined with Ciena Fiber Deep Solutions, will help MSOs meet the ever-changing needs of customers while providing the analytics, automation, and programmability to deliver high-quality experiences.

What’s next

Cable networks can be a fierce competitor. It’s their combination of network, compute, and storage that creates the best user experience. By offering the right mix of bandwidth, orchestration, and adaptation, Cable MSOs will be able to take their businesses to the next level.

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