Our popular Packet Networking Summer Series is back! Ready to learn about new approaches and concepts available to help you take the right path on your ongoing network journey?

Our team of experts will be sharing what will dictate 5G’s end-to-end success, insights into Segment Routing, how to simplify with universal aggregation, and why 10Gb/s Passive Optical Network (PON) is expanding beyond residential applications. The four different 30-minute, fast-paced webinars are:

xHaul Transport Networks will Dictate the Success of 5G Networks
The only part of content’s journey over the mobile network that’s wireless is from your smartphone to a cell site radio. The rest of the journey from the cell site radio to data centers—where accessed content is hosted—is over a fixed packet-optical wireline network. Join us to understand why the xHaul (fronthaul, midhaul, backhaul) transport network will dictate 5G’s end-to-end success.

Transforming IP Connectivity with Segment Routing to Better Support 5G
IP networks will require a significant transformation to support the new applications and use-cases associated with 5G. Gain insights into why Segment Routing will be one of the pillars of the next-generation of mobile networks and how it’s a more effective way to build better and simpler 5G networks.

Universal Aggregation: Consolidating Packet and Optical Architectures for All Services
Many service providers operate multiple underlay access networks with overlays for enterprise, residential, and mobility services. Join us for an overview how to consolidate separate service architectures onto a simple, open, and lean packet-based network.  

Beyond PON: The Critical Role of Shared Fiber Access
Today’s fiber-based network edge is once again being redefined. Join us to understand why 10Gb/s Passive Optical Network (PON) is expanding beyond residential to small enterprises, businesses, and mobility application spaces.

Join us to see how and why delivering packet-based connectivity differently will help to meet future demands.