Ever wondered what it’s like to be part of a space exploration? So, did we. That’s why we are taking Ciena’s successful Packet Networking Summer Camp series to Space. Join Ciena’s network specialists for this series of fast paced and information-packed 30-minute webinar missions to explore where no network has gone before. As a bonus, we’ve added a lightening round Q&A mission, so bring your questions to challenge our specialists. And, it’s all virtual, a perfect learning adventure. 

Ground Control: Understand Spine Leaf network architecture
Mission Date: July 24 11am Eastern
Specialist: Astronaut Wayne Hickey

Spine Leaf is the latest trend in network topology. This beginners guide offers what you need to know, the pros and cons, so you can build a new network topology that is out of this world. 

Let the countdown begin with Time-Sensitive Networking (TSN)
Mission Date: July 26 11am Eastern

Time-Sensitive Networking (TSN) is an emerging technology targeted at use cases that are beyond our orbit. Join us for an overview of this new packet-based technology, how it works, and where it will be used. Time to blast off with TSN.
Specialist: Payload Expert Brian Lavallee

Exploration unknown: Lifecycle service orchestration
Mission Date: July 31 11am Eastern

The MEF has been exploring the cosmos seeking to understand and create standards to support lifecycle service orchestration. In this session we will defy gravity by sharing what you need to know to accomplish your mission.
Specialist:  Commander John Hawkins

Explore a galaxy far, far away: Ask the Flight Crew
Mission Date: August 2 11am Eastern 
Lightening round Q&A panel discussion. Our specialists answer a series of rapid fire questions on market trends and technology. Attendees that submit a question during this webinar, will receive a special gift.
Specialists: John Hawkins, Wayne Hickey, Brian Lavallee

Communication is a lifeline and bandwidth is needed in places no man has gone before. Suit up and travel with us at the speed of light, and beyond.

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Space shuttle taking off