If you connect anything that uses data, then you’re probably using Ethernet to do it. And, more recently, if you’ve actually bought or sold a data service, it was most likely a Carrier Ethernet service.Carrier Ethernet Essentials eBook preview

Ethernet is now a ubiquitous networking technology that has displaced almost all other legacy data transport.  But unlike most technologies that decline as they age, Carrier Ethernet is still growing and evolving -- and has come a long way since it was first envisioned by the MEF in 2001.

Interested in learning more? Well then we have a great new resource for you. Our resident Carrier Ethernet expert John Hawkins has just written a book that covers everything you need to know about Carrier Ethernet: past, present and future. 

John HawkinsAnd when we say John Hawkins is an expert, we mean it.  John is currently the co-chair of the MEF's Certification Committe, and is a frequent speaker at industry conferences.

The Essential Guide to Carrier Ethernet Networks is an in-depth, 64-page look at the history of CE, the evolution of Ethernet into a robust and scalable solution for large networks, and use cases that help define where and when to implement CE solutions.

It covers:

  • The history and introduction of Ethernet technology
  • The advent of Carrier Ethernet, including the work of the MEF and other groups
  • Key technologies and standards that support Carrier Ethernet
  • Several best practices and use cases for specific industry verticals
  • The future of Carrier Ethernet speeds and technologies, including SDN/NFV.

So raise your Carrier Ethernet IQ and get John's free Essentials Guide to Carrier Ethernet Networks eBook.

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