Today’s content is consumed on demand by users who expect easy access to video and informational services whenever they desire and from any location. In this web-scale world, networks play a crucial role in connecting data centers and enabling organizations to gain greater agility, scalability, and operational simplicity to keep pace with growing capacity and performance demands.

As cloud services grow, mobile devices become more powerful, and demand for video services rises. Simultaneously, the strain put on networks, particularly on routes to, from, and between data centers. At the same time, advances derived from the Internet of Things (IoT) and big data analytics also generate opportunities to grow new revenue streams.

The challenge for most large organizations is how to support all of these advances with shrinking IT budgets and fewer resources. This challenge is what makes the solutions designed to interconnect data centers critically important. In the Data Center Interconnect (DCI) arena, content, network, and hosting providers, along with other enterprises, are all working to resolve the challenges that stem from unprecedented content demands by transforming and modernizing network operations.

Here is a list of five of the biggest DCI challenges, along with how to reduce or eliminate each.

DCI Challenges and Solutions table

Ciena is the DCI industry’s networking leader. Our solutions are designed and built to be flexible for various connections and interfaces, deployment schemes, and capabilities. If you’re facing any of the DCI challenges noted above, or have maybe encountered other issues along the road to DCI, give us a call.