Last week when we unveiled an entirely new architecture for Ciena’s Blue Planet network orchestration software, we outlined a bundle of new features that included a container-based micro-services architecture, TOSCA templating, BPMN integration, and support for a host of standards and open-source code bases. 

These enhancements change the way technologies like SDN and NFV are implemented.  Now we’re going to give you access to a few of the technology experts that have been working directly on our new Blue Planet architecture over the last year.

Next Thursday, October 29th at 11:00am ET (15.00 UK, 16.00 CET), we’re hosting a live video Hangout to talk through some of the new features and details of the Blue Planet Architecture.  This won’t be your typical webinar, it’s a live streaming video Hangout where you’ll be able to ask questions via Twitter using the #CienaLive hashtag.

Our Blue Planet experts for the live event will be:


Nirav Modi

Vice President of Product Portfolio Management for Blue Planet




Scott Pradels

Vice President of Engineering for Blue Planet




Joe Cumello

Vice President of Marketing for Blue Planet




Chip Rodgers

Vice President of Experience Marketing for Ciena