5G, the next-generation of wireless network, is one of the most-hyped technologies talked about today.  But unlike many high-tech topics labeled as “the next big thing” that end up taking longer than anticipated to become reality, 5G is likely going to arrive sooner than anticipated.

A goal of 2020 for several key 5G standards has been pulled forward with pre-standard field trials already started in 2017, with many more expected in 2018.

It’s with this backdrop that we chose 5G to be the topic to roll out our new Ciena Network Insights Podcast.  In it I talk to Ciena’s Brian Lavallée, who has frequently blogged about the coming of 5G and what it means for network infrastructure.

Listen below to hear about what the 5G specs are expected to bring, the major investments needed to rollout 5G and how they’ll be paid for, and what types of services a 5G world can expect.

The Road to 5G podcast image