Interconnect bandwidth is growing at a dramatic pace, as content, workflows, applications, and data are distributed into the cloud.  Cloud, IT, banking, manufacturing, energy, and healthcare are all expected to see double-digit growth for interconnect capacity over the coming years, but not all industries and services will exhibit the same traffic characteristics or volume.

100GE connectivity is prevalent with large ICPs and DCOs, and its sheer volume and growth will drive the need to light hundreds, perhaps thousands, of fiber pairs to keep up with demand.  But, unlike the largest global content networks (GCNs), across many networks the bandwidth requirements are still modest. Bandwidth isn’t always measured in Terabits or number of lit fibers, and 10GE connectivity is still widely deployed across many data center interconnect (DCI) networks.

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Flexibility to support any application

New compact, modular devices have been introduced for interconnect applications, optimized for capacity and scalability.  But, do they offer the flexibility and scalability to match any traffic application, large or small?

Large enterprise network operators, looking to modernize their DCI may want to migrate from 10G connectivity to 100G (or higher) to achieve cost per bit savings and to provide better quality of experience with faster connectivity for their employees and customers.  Small data center operators looking to interconnect locations or consolidate DCI connectivity may have requirements for a mix of traffic rates – some 10G and some 100G.  Throw in the need to encrypt traffic on some (or all) links, and suddenly a one-box-fits-all mentality doesn’t work.

That’s where Ciena’s Waveserver Ai comes in to play.  It is architected for flexibility.  It’s a compact, modular platform with a variety of modules to choose from so it can be tailored to different applications.

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Any module can be installed into any slot, so the platform can adapt to varying bandwidth and connectivity needs:

  • 2 x 400G module:  Optimized for high capacity and density, this module supports the most demanding data applications and content delivery with up to 8 x 100GE client capacity + 800G of line capacity for rapid scalability.
  • 1 x 400G module:  Designed for applications that scale at a slower rate, offering up to 4 x 100GE of client + 400G of line capacity, this module enables networks to scale one wavelength at a time at a lower cost.
  • 40 x 10G module:  For networks with 10GE connectivity, or a mix of 10GE and 100GE, this module offers up to 40 x 10GE / 4 x 100GE client capacity + 400G of line capacity to enable consolidation of multiple data center links and traffic types onto a single wavelength connection.  It supports a mix of traffic types, so smaller networks can migrate from 10GE to 100GE connectivity over time.  Or for larger networks, it can be installed to pick up a handful of lower-rate 10GE services, while carrying 100GE for the remaining capacity.

The increasing demand for security

In addition to a need for flexible scalability, as cloud networking has grown, so have requirements for robustness and security.  Escalating threats to network security combined with new legislation regarding data security and associated penalties for security breaches are all driving the need for secure networking, now more than ever. DCI infrastructure needs the ability to offer protection for cloud and data services to improve network reliability, as well.

Waveserver Ai provides per wavelength optical protection switching for reliable, scalable DCI connectivity.  Furthermore, for cloud connectivity and data requiring end-to-end protection across the network, Waveserver Ai offers optical layer encryption to protect in-flight data.  It safeguards sensitive, mission-critical data and protects intellectual property and confidential records while avoiding costly fines and loss of revenue due to security breaches.

Waveserver Ai - simple to deploy and grow with

Some interconnect platforms also offer options to simplify the network architecture for point-to-point applications.  For example, short distance point-to-point connectivity, Waveserver Ai can be fitted with in-skin mux/demux modules to enable traffic add/drop without the need for an additional photonic line system.  The new CMD10 module can be used to provide up to 10 x 400G wavelengths on a single fiber, and it even works across higher loss spans.  Everything you need to interconnect two locations is contained within the modular DCI unit.  Wrap pay-as-you-grow licensing around the entire package, and the system can grow in 100G increments to quickly react to changing traffic requirements or to grow capacity more slowly over time.

With usability features to simplify deployment and management, Ciena’s interconnect platforms can be deployed as part of massive, global cloud networking efforts.  Or for smaller networks, they can easily be deployed even if you don’t have a large engineering force to handle installation and ongoing operation of the platform.  Zero Touch Provisioning can be used to rapidly configure and turn-up new devices in the field, and open APIs can be leveraged to automate tasks and integrate the platform into existing management back-office systems.

Picking the right partner

Ciena is the undisputed market leader and partner of choice for DCI, offering the greatest depth of experience and solution set to address the varying needs of the DCI market.  From global deployments for large ICPs to smaller interconnect applications for enterprise customers, Ciena’s solutions can be tailored to meet any DCI networking requirements.  By choosing Ciena’s interconnect platforms, you are uniquely positioned to meet the growing bandwidth needs of the most demanding cloud, over-the-top applications and data services.

Learn more about how Waveserver Ai can scale to meet your cloud networking requirements and accelerate your time to revenue for cloud applications and services here or by contacting Ciena.

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