Jacqui NicolaiGSMA anticipates Asia Pacific will have 24 markets with live 5G services by 2024, and 5G will contribute almost 900 billion USD to the region’s economy over the next 15 years.

In this environment, many service providers are racing to offer 5G services as soon as possible so their customers see them as early adopters. However, it will take time to realize the full potential of 5G technology and, as with any major new build, the foundation must come first.

This foundation must be capable of supporting the following:

  • Five-fold increase in traffic volume by 2024
  • Applications requiring an order of magnitude lower latency than today’s network delivers
  • 1 billion unique mobile subscribers in Asia by 2025 (72% of the population), according to the same GSMA report

At 5G Asia in Singapore last week, we showcased Ciena’s solutions for 5G, through which you can:

  • Efficiently scale your 4G networks while laying the foundation to support unprecedented 5G traffic volumes with Ciena's newest WaveLogic 5 coherent optics offering rates up to 800G
  • Streamline your 4G to 5G journey with Adaptive IP—a modular, open, and programmable IP solution that facilitates the design, deployment, and management of 5G networks
  • Exceed customer expectations for dynamic mobile services—while optimizing 4G/5G virtualized and physical network resources—with Blue Planet Intelligent Automation
The Ciena team at 5G Asia in Singapore

The Ciena team at 5G Asia in Singapore

Automation’s role in 5G

To keep pace with the demands of 5G, service providers will need higher capacity, scalable transport networks that can handle and deliver the huge data volumes hitting the wireline network infrastructure from the wireless interface. Software and new network intelligence will be critical to ensure each and every 5G use case performs as expected and can be delivered cost-effectively, with guaranteed end-to-end performance. You can achieve these gains with Blue Planet.

To learn more about how to architect your network for full 5G, read our white paper: Laying the 5G Foundation with an Evolved Mobile Transport Network.