Optimizing efficiencies of your network’s optical layer is critical to address today’s challenges—and dynamically adapt to the needs of tomorrow. That’s why we’ve created Ciena’s Optical Summer Series virtual event, a four-part webinar series hosted by Ciena experts and moderator, Helen Xenos, Senior Director Portfolio Marketing.

Here are four reasons why, you can’t afford to miss these insightful and informative sessions:

1. Learn how to make the right coherent technology choice

There is no debate that bandwidth demands continue to rise but with two distinct, viable coherent technology options to choose from, do you know what is the right choice for your network?

Do you select performance optics or coherent pluggables? Does the application dictate the right solution? What are the cost savings associated with better performance?

Join Rob Keys, Senior Director of R&D Optical Transmission at Ciena, to get answers to these questions and more in this educational session on architecture evolution that includes case studies performed on real customer networks.

 2. Understand what you need to know for practical deployment of coherent plugs

Do you know what are the key features and performance metrics of new pluggable products and where it is most advantageous for operators to deploy them? In this session, Ciena’s Patricia Bower, Senior Manager of Portfolio Marketing, will explain the key foundational technologies and components required to build coherent plugs, and explain the network applications where their modularity and density benefits really shine.

3. The battle of the bands is underway, find out what you need to know to make the best choice for your network  

Network operators with rapid bandwidth growth want a simple, efficient way to scale their networks by increasing fiber capacity. But, different options for expanding usable fiber spectrum are being promoted across the industry, making it difficult to pick a winner.

Do you select performance optics or coherent pluggables? Does the application dictate the right solution? What are the cost savings associated with better performance?

In this webinar Kent Jordan, Senior Manager of Portfolio Marketing, examines each architecture and compares the technical specifications and operational considerations, so you can make an informed decision about which one is the best choice for deployment in your network.

4. Discover how you can unlock your network’s potential with SDN applications

As operators evolve their networks to adapt to the growing demands for capacity, what is the role of software control and automation in driving successful network evolution? Do you know the keys to achieving maximum network efficiencies and simplifying next-gen network operations?

In this webinar, Ciena's Paulina Gomez, Senior Manager of Portfolio Marketing, will focus on the importance of advanced software applications in abstracting operational complexity associated with next-gen technologies, and empowering operators with the tools to best engineer, manage, and monetize their optical networks. The keys to unlocking the optimal balance of optical network performance, efficiency, and availability are at your fingertips with these new intelligent software automation capabilities.

Join our experts as they discuss strategies and drivers for change, as well as these latest innovations emerging in optical networking.