Over the past two years, there’s been a step change in the way Zayo is approaching the market in Europe.

Zayo is thinking big, with new European leadership reimagining go-to-market strategies and developing an ambitious expansion plan. Ciena is working with Zayo to help them achieve these goals.

How is Zayo looking to expand, and what is Ciena doing to help?

A few years ago, the Zayo team aimed to triple revenue in Europe by 2025 and become the leading service provider by industrialising and enhancing their product capabilities. They continue to proactively expand their asset base and launch best-in-class solutions. But what does that mean in practical terms?

It’s a big ask. And that’s where the Ciena team comes in—supporting Zayo’s targeted optical network expansion into key strategic geographies, including long-haul routes and metros.

Having recently upgraded and reengineered its network from fixed to flex, Zayo now has the capability to provide 400GbE services across its long-haul routes. And it is currently re-evaluating other services to further leverage its existing network.

We are helping Zayo monetise the investments made. In the last 12 months, we’ve already trained over 120 Zayo sales reps (with some attending multiple sessions) to help them optimally position their products and services. We have more training coming later in the year covering sales skills and technology basics. It’s a complete package of skills that’s designed to help each team member succeed in Zayo’s expansion drive. We’re teaching them how to become even more valuable contacts for their customers. And we’re also upskilling Zayo’s tech, product, sales engineering, and business development teams on the Ciena portfolio and key market trends.

A consultative partnership that’s flourishing

Our support for Zayo goes even further, and Ciena is running an ongoing programme of co-investment to support their service launch campaigns and monetization programs. This year we are providing significantly large sums in Market Development Funds (MDF). We’re also helping Zayo build the business case for new long-haul routes and metros. We are doing this by providing market intelligence, geoanalytics, and analysis on data centres.

We continue running Zayo Academy events to further collaboration with Ciena’s product and technology teams to support service evolution and the next generation of the Zayo network. Ciena is now more than simply an innovation partner to Zayo—we’re a consultant partner. And our approach means that Zayo’s success drives our success.

Driving outcomes for both organisations

To build on our joint success to date, Ciena will continue investing in Zayo, while exploring ways to increase its market capabilities. The momentum will only build as the relationship grows and becomes ever more symbiotic. As we help Zayo’s sales teams, they’ll get better quota relief—and we expect to support them with a growing number of business opportunities.

Our work is all about building the relationship between Ciena and Zayo and relying on each other to drive the outcomes we’re both striving to achieve.

The partnership between Zayo and Ciena is set to flourish throughout the rest of 2023 and beyond, as our two organisations collaborate even more closely. And we’ll continue to empower Zayo to expand its assets proactively and strategically—to become the leading pan-European connectivity service provider.

If you are looking to target specific enterprises, launching into new geographies, or want to better understand the data centre landscape; get in touch and let’s explore how Ciena can support your go to market activity.