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Distributed Access Architecture, Converged Interconnect Network, and Fiber Deep

To achieve 10G, cable MSOs will need a collection of technologies including Distributed Access Architectures (DAA) and Converged Interconnect Networks (CIN), while extending fiber deeper in their access networks.

Ciena’s Adaptive NetworkTM framework enables cable MSOs to execute their DAA strategies and CIN deployments—and meet the constantly changing demands of their customers.

The Ciena Fiber Deep Solution for the Converged Interconnect Network offers the most comprehensive solution in the industry

High-density packet aggregation with integrated optics

Reducing space, power, and complexity

Industry-leading coherent optical solutions

Maximizing capacity and fiber utilization in the access and metro networks

Intelligent automation

Providing lifecycle management of multiple services and operational efficiencies

Ciena’s Adaptive IPTM solution provides optimization and simplification of the CIN and metro networks as MSOs rollout their DAA and digital transformation strategies. It decreases operating expenses with automation and streamlined IP technologies. Adaptive IP is an open Layer 3 solution utilizing Ciena’s Fiber Deep products, including the 5170 Platform; 5171 Platform; Manage, Control and Plan (MCP); Blue Planet Multi-Domain Service Orchestration (MDSO); and Blue Planet Route Optimization and Analysis (ROA).

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