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The Adaptive Network

Change happens fast. Are you ready for it?


Accelerate with a network that grows smarter every day

Our Vision

Explore the Adaptive Network

  • Programmable Infrastructure

    The Adaptive Network is based on robust optical, routing and switching infrastructure designed to securely manage a dynamic pool of virtual and physical resources that can be accessed and configured via common, open software interfaces. It's highly instrumented and scalable to meet the dynamic demands of the applications and services running on top of the network.

  • Analytics and Intelligence

    We have access to more network performance data than ever before. With real-time telemetry data comes the ability to leverage machine learning and AI to accurately predict potential network problems and anticipate trends—before they occur. When combined with software-defined control, the result is closed-loop automation and a self-learning network, with the ability to proactively and reactively adapt to your customers' needs.

  • Software Control and Automation

    To deliver differentiated experiences at scale, it's time to take your automation to the next level. The Adaptive Network empowers operators with software-defined control across multiple network layers, as well as end-to-end service lifecycle management across multiple domains, to optimize your infrastructure and intelligently automate services across any network domain or vendor.

  • Services

    When you're transforming your network to achieve strategic business objectives, you need the right people and expertise on your team, with the right portfolio services, to help you reach your goals. For over three decades we've teamed with customers and partners to build the world's most agile networks. Our proven services experts can support all phases of the network lifecycle to help you build, operate, and improve your network.

This diagram of the Adaptive Network cycle highlights the relationship between analytics and intelligence, software control and automation, and programmable infastructure.

The Adaptive Network in Action

AI in healthcare

Advancing medical care with secure, reliable networking

The Adaptive Network in Action

Next-generation broadband access

Connecting communities without compromise

The Adaptive Network in Action

More sustainable networks

Evolving networks with future-forward innovation

The Adaptive Network

Change happens fast. Are you ready for it?

  • With every technological breakthrough, end user expectations and network complexity increase, as does the pressure on network operators.
  • Our goal isn't to predict the future,
    it's to help you prepare for it.
  • That's why we created the Adaptive Network.
  • It's our vision for evolving your network to meet today's challenges, while preparing for what’s next.
  • Welcome to the Adaptive Network.
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Our customers' view


The Adaptive Network: Always ready for what's next

Are networks ready to support surging and unexpected demands from cloud-based applications, 5G, and AI? Join Ciena’s Mark Bieberich as he discusses the Adaptive Network—Ciena’s vision for the future of networking and the forces driving it forward.