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The Adaptive Network

Recaps: Light Reading and Ciena Webinar Series

It’s a Journey

Constructing a more adaptive network takes more than the industry finally finding the resolve to do it.  There are real technology advancements that must be brought to bear.  It is these advancements – nurtured in the care of those with the will and experience to disrupt the status quo – that will drive the industry forward to the reality of the Adaptive Network

Whether you are taking the initial first steps or planning a larger-scale transformation, below are quick recaps of the sought-after webinar series. These will provide you with an overview of the insight and proven experience to help you traverse this complex journey.

The Adaptive Network Webinar Series Recaps

What is the role of automation in my network? Is Automation alone enough?

This first recap in the series answers the big questions that network providers are asking about their network evolution.  We look beyond automation to a more holistic view to succeed, exploring a new destination – the Adaptive Network.


The Adaptive Network Vision Webinar Recap


Start the Journey to the Adaptive Network – Real-World Case Studies Webinar Recap

Network providers want networks that are more agile, less costly and deliver an incredible customer experience for business or consumer applications.  It isn’t always clear how to make their vision a reality. 

The second recap offers key insights with real world examples of how other companies are achieving this end-state of the Adaptive Network.  

Rapid traffic increases and the threat of network performance failures have put a premium on automation, but it’s important for providers to maintain control of their networks as they automate.  The right policy framework is critical.

The third recap will show how an automation platform will equip providers with the means to enforce business rules through best-in-class policy capabilities to realize an Adaptive Network. 


Harness the Power of Automation through Intent-Based Policy Webinar Recap

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