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The Adaptive Network

Resolve network problems before customers call

with Proactive Network Operations

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Existing solutions for troubleshooting and resolving network issues were developed  to support static networks and services. These legacy solutions revolve around reactive processes based on scrutinizing events and alarms.

As the network becomes increasingly complex and dynamic, such methods are neither effective nor scalable. Operators’ lack of insight into which of the multitude of alarms are truly critical, and the manual nature of determining the root cause of issues, presents many challenges. Major operational burdens are incurred as a result of problems being caught after the fact.

Once the damage has already spread across a significant part of the network, operators struggle to recover from poor customer satisfaction, increased costs to reverse the problem, and low overall staff productivity.  All of these factors ultimately impact their ability to compete.

Taking an Adaptive NetworkTM approach

Ciena offers multiple solutions and deployment options as part of our Adaptive Network vision to help operators proactively manage the health of their networks—so they can detect and resolve problems before they impact the
customer experience.

Key to our approach is our Blue Planet Unified Assurance and Analytics (UAA) platform and Network Health Predictor App (NHP)  which help predict impending outages and preemptively resolve them before they can impact the network environment.

We also offer our Insights Service, a hosted service that visualizes future states of network elements and provides actionable insights that can be taken to prevent problems before they occur. These solutions work in coordination with a programmable infrastructure and Ciena's Consulting Services and tools to achieve industry-leading proactive network problem resolution.


Proactively avoid network outages to optimize OPEX and CAPEX and deliver a superior end-customer experience. Ciena's solutions have been proven to:

Reduce OPEX up to 38 percent per year by accelerating critical issue isolation, root-cause identification, and corrective actions—and helping eliminate truck rolls

Lower SLA penalties by significantly reducing the number of network outages (in addition to OPEX savings)

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