The Adaptive Network

Optimize photonic performance
with unprecedented visibility

with Liquid Spectrum – Photonic Performance Gauge

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As networks evolve to scale for massive capacity growth, they also need to be more agile and programmable than ever before to respond to and handle unpredictable traffic requirements. Traditionally, real-time visibility into the performance of the photonic network has been limited. Often, a network path appears to be in working order, but a provider will not get an error until traffic is switched onto this path, causing network downtime and service interruption.

To achieve successful network transformation, the underlying photonic infrastructure must become increasingly intelligent and programmable, with extensive embedded real-time monitoring points and knobs that can be adjusted for different applications.

Advanced software applications can leverage the rich instrumentation and in-service monitoring capabilities of this highly flexible, next-gen photonic line system, to drive actionable insights, enabling providers to make intelligent decisions based on the current state of the network.

Taking an Adaptive Network approach

Ciena’s Photonic Performance Gauge, part of our family of Liquid Spectrum™ applications, leverages key elements of the Adaptive Network to change the way optical networks are engineered, operated, and monetized. Liquid Spectrum uses Ciena’s Manage, Control and Plan (MCP) domain controller and WaveLogic™ Photonics—Ciena’s fully instrumented, reconfigurable photonic layer including WaveLogic programmable coherent optics—to simplify operations and help providers extract the full value of their network assets through the optimal balance of network performance, efficiency, and availability. In addition, Ciena Services provides experienced technical personnel and proven methodologies to ensure the deployment of the Photonic Performance Gauge in any operating environment. Our professional services team can also support the ongoing optimization of the network’s performance, accelerating your journey to the Adaptive Network.


Ciena’s Liquid Spectrum advanced software applications, including Photonic Performance Gauge, leverage a deep understanding of optics with increased automation of the photonic layer, to abstract operational complexity and simplify next-gen optical network engineering and operations, achieving the following key benefits:

  • Increased operational simplicity with a fully agile, intelligent photonic layer and sophisticated software applications that abstract complexity
  • Simplified photonic system operations with unprecedented visibility of ongoing photonic performance in the network (with or without deployed transponders)
  • Instant visibility into the health of the photonic network, including optical restoration paths before photonic restoration
  • Proactive detection of potential photonic network problems, to drive actionable insights based on the current state of the network

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