The Adaptive Network

Unify network issue management across all layers

with Multi-Layer Assurance

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For service providers, identifying and resolving service issues across multi-layer networks is a complicated and lengthy process. Why? Conventional service assurance tools are domain-specific and manually intensive, leaving service providers to correlate a multitude of alarms and metrics to pinpoint the exact root cause of each issue. By the time a root cause is identified, multiple SLAs may have already been violated, which can lead to customer dissatisfaction and churn, not to mention the negative impact on business productivity and operational expense.

Taking an Adaptive NetworkTM approach

The Blue Planet® Multi-Layer Assurance (MLA) solution takes a unified and automated approach to simplifying service assurance across multi-layer networks. It automatically analyzes alarms, faults, and alerts across different layers and domains of the network infrastructure. These are then correlated and if direct relationships are found, they are rolled into a single service-impacting event. This greatly accelerates the time to identify and resolve service-affecting issues for improved customer satisfaction.

The MLA solution incorporates capabilities of Blue Planet’s Unified Assurance and Analytics (UAA), Route Optimization and Analysis (ROA), and Multi-Domain Service Orchestration (MDSO) software to provide a cohesive solution for helping service providers meet customers’ ever-increasing demands for reliable services. By combining policy with AI-powered network intelligence that enables closed-loop resolution of service-impacting issues, Blue Planet MLA meets the dynamic imperatives of on-demand network adaptation and healing.


Faster time to identify and resolve critical service-impacting issues ensuring SLA conformance for improved customer satisfaction

Lower OPEX through automated trouble-to-resolve workflows

Increased business productivity by facilitating cross-functional collaboration through unified and streamlined operations

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