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The Adaptive Network

Achieve dynamic scalability by utilizing unused network margin

with Liquid Spectrum—Channel Margin Gauge

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In today’s constantly changing, on-demand world, the network still needs to scale for massive capacity growth. But it also needs to be more agile and programmable than ever before to better respond and handle unpredictable traffic requirements.

Optical networks have been historically built to operate in a static mode of operation, where change in connectivity patterns and new capacity requests translate into new hardware, along with lengthy, manual wavelength planning and deployment cycles.

Taking an Adaptive NetworkTM approach

Ciena’s Channel Margin Gauge, part of our family of Liquid Spectrum™ applications, leverages key elements of the Adaptive NetworkTM to change the way optical networks are engineered, operated, and monetized. Liquid Spectrum uses Ciena’s Manage, Control and Plan (MCP) domain controller and WaveLogic™ Photonics—Ciena’s fully instrumented, reconfigurable photonic layer including WaveLogic programmable coherent optics—to simplify operations and help providers scale their networks and ensure the ideal amount of bandwidth is used at any given time.

Open interfaces for high-performance telemetry are applied at both the software and hardware level, giving operators greater choice in their architecture implementation. Complemented by Ciena’s professional services, we ensure the deployment of the Liquid Spectrum solution within any operating environment and the ongoing optimization of the network’s performance.


Ciena’s Liquid Spectrum advanced software applications, including Channel Margin Gauge, allow operators to monitor and mine all available network assets to instantly scale to new bandwidth demands and allocate capacity across any path in real time, achieving the following key benefits:

  • Deliver a differentiated customer experience
  • Extract more value from deployed network resources
  • Simplify and streamline how optical networks are designed, built, and operated
  • Increase network efficiency by closely matching L0 channel capacity with available system margin
  • Achieve new levels of network visibility to improve performance

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