The Adaptive Network

Synch inventory to streamline process automation

with Inventory and Network Synchronization

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Most service providers have a multitude of systems for their network infrastructure that offer differing and fragmented views of their inventory data. Different technology layers and services typically have separate data stores. This static inventory data is very difficult to match with real-time service and network states, as the physical network inventory is not usually correlated with logical service inventory. Any inaccuracies and inconsistencies across multiple inventory systems typically lead to high service order error rates, re-work,
and delays.

Further, legacy inventory systems were designed for traditional circuit-based technologies and are unable to support the more dynamic, IP-optimized services that end-customers want, such as SD-WAN.

Taking an Adaptive Network approach

With Ciena’s Adaptive Network™, our Blue Planet® Inventory and Network Synchronization (INS) solution federates OSS/BSS data from multiple sources and synchronizes this data with network discovery results from multi-vendor elements to produce a single up-to-date data model. This means a service provider now has a complete and accurate view of the end-to-end inventory.

Blue Planet INS performs network discovery by interfacing with all of the multi-vendor controllers, management systems, and network elements in the programmable infrastructure. INS then federates OSS/BSS data from all of the multiple sources, and then synchronizes it with discovered results to produce a single graphical view, highlighting data discrepancies and auto-reconciling with the OSS based on business policy rules.

Further, with the help of Blue Planet Services, client-specific customization requirements can be addressed, such as API or GUI visualization development.


The Inventory and Network Synchronization solution offers offers:

Reduced OPEX and CAPEX through the elimination of swivel-chair processes

Increased customer satisfaction as a result of:

  • Up to 40% reduction in service order fallout rates
  • Up to 30% decrease in trouble-to-resolve processing times

Improved business agility with greater levels of automation across key business processes

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