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The Adaptive Network

Reduce the complexity and costs of IP networks

with Adaptive IP

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Internet Protocol (IP) technology is the industry’s choice for emerging applications such as 5G, but the way IP protocols are actually delivered must evolve. Traditionally, the approach was to add more hardware-centric router platforms. This makes network operations management overly complex, expensive, and unsustainable.

Combine the need for more protocols with the trend toward virtualization of applications and services, the disaggregation of infrastructure, and the never-ending demands for increased bandwidth and network flexibility, and there’s clearly a need for an entirely new approach to IP architectures.

Taking an Adaptive Network approach

To address the new IP network requirements, Ciena has introduced Adaptive IP™, an innovative approach that offers the essential IP capabilities required to support new applications, while allowing network providers to benefit from cloud-like scale, openness, and intelligent automation.

Adaptive IP is an approach that goes beyond the individual capabilities of a network element and builds upon a combination of Ciena’s Packet Networking products featuring streamlined IP capabilities; Ciena’s Manage, Control and Plan (MCP) domain controller; and Adaptive IP Apps. These apps review and analyze telemetry from the network, then use path computation and open APIs to inform Ciena’s MCP how to orchestrate services and traffic flows back into the infrastructure to provide an optimal IP configuration.


IP delivered differently with Ciena’s Adaptive IP:

Highly scalable and cost-efficient approach, based on a lean and open set of IP protocols for greater simplicity while expanding IP capabilities to the network edge, leveraging the industry’s leading coherent optics

Simplified operations by abstracting complexity to an SDN software layer, enabling network optimization and real-time visibility to simplify management and troubleshooting

Designed to evolve IP network infrastructure with an open and disaggregated approach, supporting multi-vendor environments to take advantage of the most innovative solutions

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In this webinar, ACG analyst Ray Mota discusses industry insights and strategies to successfully prepare the IP network for the 4G evolution and 5G transformation.

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Stepping up IP connectivity to support full 5G

What do you need to know to support the next generation of IP networks? Dive into this Ciena whitepaper that discusses the requirements needed to evolve IP networks for the next generation of mobility.


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