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The Adaptive Network

Guarantee end-to-end
5G performance

with 5G Network Slicing

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5G makes a new world of applications and services possible for both consumers and enterprises, humans and machines. But this comes with challenges to address. Service providers are asking themselves how they will differentiate and grow profitability in the face of new 5G use-cases with such diverse requirements. Enhanced Mobile Broadband (eMBB) devours huge chunks of bandwidth, ultra-reliable Low-Latency Communications (urLLC) require a lightning-fast response time for mission-critical applications, and massive Machine-Type Communications (mMTC) stress the number of simultaneous mobile connections. To stand out from the crowd and differentiate their 5G services, mobile and wholesale network operators alike must optimize their transport infrastructure to provide guaranteed end-to-end 5G service performance. 5G network slicing not only allows them to meet the requirements of different applications but also to grow revenues by offering tiered performance and SLA-based pricing, all while constantly optimizing network resources.

Taking an Adaptive NetworkTM approach

5G Network Slicing empowers operators, mobile and wholesalers alike, to dynamically support multiple 5G use-cases and applications to unlock new revenue streams. It brings flexibility to offer private 5G services over a public RAN infrastructure, creating new market opportunities. It enables the delivery of customizable and guaranteed end-to-end performance across multiple physical and virtual domains in the wireless and wireline network segments, creating new possibilities for eMBB, urLLC, and mMTC use-cases with tiered pricing while continually optimizing shared network infrastructure.

Ciena’s 5G Network Solutions enable network slicing by leveraging our next-generation routing platforms and Blue Planet 5G Automation Software. Ciena’s new open and programmable 5130, 5144, 5164, 5166, and 5168 routers, many of which support both soft and hard slicing with Segment Routing and FlexEthernet, respectively, for converged 4G and 5G xHaul over a common wireline infrastructure. Blue Planet 5G Automation Software allows for zero-touch orchestration of network slices including design, activation, modification, and deactivation, for 5G Core, xHaul transport, and the RAN, all at the click of a mouse.

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