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The Adaptive Network Use Cases

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Prepare your network to adapt

Ciena's Adaptive Network vision is designed to help you dynamically respond to exponential growth and increasing demand for more dynamic services, and deliver a differentiated customer experience. As new applications and technologies continue to drive mounting network pressures, the Adaptive Network provides you multiple options to start your network evolution journey, addressing your key business challenges today and ensuring you're ready to adapt for the future.

Use cases

Achieve dynamic scalability by utilizing unused network margin

Reduce CAPEX and recover additional bandwidth potential already in your network.


Provide bandwidth whenever and wherever customers need it

Design and sell dynamic services that give customers the same speed, ease and pay-as-you-go pricing as cloud-based services.

Resolve network problems before customers call

Improve customer satisfaction by using predictive and prescriptive analytics to shift from reactive problem solving to proactive problem resolution.


IP/MPLS service analysis

Meet your SLAs, reduce time to resolution for trouble tickets, and increase customer satisfaction by using a virtual mapping of routed network traffic to detect and correct abnormalities quickly.

Sync inventory to streamline process automation

Improve operational efficiencies, reduce costs, and increase customer satisfaction through automated inventory and network data synchronization.

Reduce the complexity and costs of IP networks

Leverage a new way of building IP-based networks that’s leaner, automated, and open to accelerate time to market for high-growth 5G, Fiber Deep, and business services.

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