The Adaptive Network™

Adaptive means your network is always in session

The future of education needs a network with teeth

The traditional classroom is quickly evolving. The market for smart classrooms is large and growing fast—it will reach over $180B by 2025. Billions of students and teachers globally are and will increasingly use devices, applications, and a variety of technologies that will all need to be connected to the network. Service providers must ensure their networks can handle this influx of traffic so that class can stay in session—no matter when and where it’s being held. Is your network ready for technology-fueled adaptive learning initiatives that require ultra-low latency and rapidly scalable bandwidth? In a world of constant change, the Adaptive Network rises to the challenge.

Adaptive learning and the future of education

The classroom has become increasingly digital over the past decade. In 2020,1.5 billion children around the world—or 87 percent of the global student population—shifted to online learning. This has opened up a new world of opportunities, giving rise to what’s called ‘adaptive learning’. Education is evolving into a personalized anytime, anywhere, any device experience, thanks to swiftly developing technology, which requires a dynamic, self-optimizing network.

The Adaptive Network is the foundation of adaptive learning

Networks are critical to enabling an adaptive learning experience which is both personalized and collaborative. Whether students are learning from home or in the classroom, networks must be ready to support on-demand, bandwidth-hungry, low-latency applications. The ability to meet these needs today, while providing infrastructure that can evolve into the future, puts the Adaptive Network at the top of the class.

Sharks in classroom with students and teacher

Is your network ready for the future of education? The Adaptive Network is.

As teachers and administrators strive to improve student performance and graduation rates, they’re increasingly leveraging new educational technology (EdTech) to deliver higher quality learning experiences. Digital applications such as streaming video, mixed-reality, gamification, and online global collaboration enable learning beyond the classroom walls.

The Adaptive Network provides the ultra-low latency and rapidly scalable bandwidth needed to teach and learn from anywhere, anytime, and on any device. Just like our students, the network is always getting smarter and more agile—always ready for the next big thing.

Use Cases

Virtualized Edge Technologies

Learn how Ciena and a leading service provider collaborated to combine dynamic, scalable bandwidth and Virtual Network Functions (VNFs) to provide the same standard of education to all students in one of the largest K-12 school districts in the U.S.

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Proactive Network Health

Resolve network problems before schools call to complain that their students can’t access their cloud-based learning systems. Improve student and teacher user experiences by using predictive and prescriptive analytics to shift from reactive problem solving to proactive problem resolution.

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Bandwidth on Demand

Customers in the education industry need the ability to increase or decrease bandwidth, whenever and wherever they need it, to support technology-driven learning initiatives in the classroom. Design and sell dynamic services that give learning institutions the same speed, ease, and pay-as-you-go pricing as cloud-based services.

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Press Releases

Ciena Partners with Verizon Innovative Learning to Bring Distance Learning Resources to Students

Ciena partnered with Verizon to drive digital inclusion at under-resourced Title 1 U.S. schools to bolster remote learning and support digital inclusion.

Free Broadband Offered to Eligible Students to Help Bridge the Digital Divide

Ciena partnered with Spark Foundation, Skinny, and a network of decile 1 high schools in New Zealand, providing free in-home internet access to remove barriers to education at home and support digital equality.

The Adaptive Network - Mastering Complexity

Every minute, thousands of devices are connecting to your network. Phones. TVs. Smart watches. Electronic tattoos? Probably.

At Ciena, we don’t fear complexity. We’ve combined automation and intelligence in a scalable, programmable, and flexible network that thrives on complexity – getting smarter every day.

We call it the Adaptive Network. Because survival of the fittest means survival of the most adaptive.