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She's about to hit the wall. Her doctors already know why.

Wearable tech is here. Part of an IoT world where billions of connected sources will be pumping out vital data, every millisecond.

Can your network keep up?

Keep your network pumping Get ready to adapt Mastering Complexity video

The Adaptive Network - Mastering Complexity

Every minute, thousands of devices are connecting to your network. Phones. TVs. Smart watches. Electronic tattoos? Probably.

At Ciena, we don’t fear complexity. We’ve combined automation and intelligence in a scalable, programmable, and flexible network that thrives on complexity – getting smarter every day.

We call it the Adaptive Network. Because survival of the fittest means survival of the most adaptive.

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The Adaptive Network

Software control and automation

A more open and agile network

As the industry moves toward more software-centric networks that leverage SDN, NFV, and open APIs, true automation becomes more viable. Multi-domain service orchestration and software-defined domain control simplify the end-to-end management and automation of services across multi-layer, multi-vendor, multi-domain hybrid networks. Tight interworking with analytics-driven intelligence provides the basis of a network that is self-healing and self-optimizing.

Analytics and intelligence

Deriving business insights from network big data

We have access to more data about how the network is performing than ever before. And with that real-time data comes the ability to apply analytics and machine learning to accurately predict potential network problems and anticipate trends. When combined with software-defined control, the result leads to closed-loop automation and a self-learning network with the ability to proactively and immediately adapt to your customers' needs.

Programmable infrastructure

An on-demand world requires real-time response

The Adaptive Network uses a packet-optical infrastructure to securely manage a dynamic pool of virtual and physical resources that can be accessed and configured via common, open interfaces. It’s highly instrumented and can export real-time network performance data and scale to meet the demands of applications and services running on top of it.

It’s a Journey

From a single stage to a complete overhaul, Ciena partners closely with our customers at each step. Our Services team thrives on complexity, working side by side with you as we navigate this journey.

Ciena Services

Having co-created some of the most customer-centric networks in the world—with every major service provider, multiple-system operator, and global content network provider, from greenfield to modernization—there’s no environment we can’t transform. As advocates for our customers’ goals, we have an uncanny ability to prepare for unavoidable challenges and tirelessly drive toward your business outcomes.

Our services are designed to be as adaptive as the networks we build. Our Services team becomes part of your team. What makes the journey worth it? Seeing our customers thrive and unleash the incredible possibilities we believe every network holds.

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