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Supplier diversity program

Improving the customer experience with excellence and innovation

Ciena’s network of partners and suppliers is critical to our long-term success, especially when innovation and excellence are key to winning in a competitive market. Our customers expect world-class products and services—and we deliver.

Our supplier diversity program delivers an improved customer experience by providing equal access to a supply base that reflects the diversity of where we live, work, and serve.

Our mission statement

To establish and implement a supplier diversity program that creates value through:

Diverse sourcing:

Promoting the sourcing of goods and services from high-performing diverse suppliers.

Program evaluation:

Monitoring and measuring the supplier diversity program’s effectiveness.

Outreach programs:

Participating in outreach programs to increase collaboration with diverse suppliers.

Our value statement

Ciena places high values on the strong relationships we have with our customers and the diverse communities that we serve. Diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) are an important consideration throughout our operations. The Ciena supplier diversity program is designed to encourage the development of minority-owned, women-owned, veteran-owned, LGBTQA+ owned businesses, as well as Small Business Administration (SBA)-defined small businesses. We view supplier diversity as a strategic business advantage and a component of our DEI strategy. Our commitment reinforces our corporate values while demonstrating our support for equitable business opportunity.

Our vision statement

To integrate supplier diversity in the Ciena procurement process and establish and maintain excellent supplier relationships with diverse suppliers in the communities we serve.

Our Supplier Diversity Policy

Ciena aims to create business relationships with diverse suppliers that strengthen the communities in which we serve. We are committed to developing mutually beneficial relationships with minority-owned, women-owned, disadvantaged/disabled, veteran owned, LGBTQA+ business enterprises and small businesses. The main goal of Ciena’s Supplier Diversity Program is to provide opportunities to diverse suppliers that satisfy our business needs and demonstrate our exacting standards of excellence. It also supports our customers in achieving their respective corporate diversity objectives.

Ciena’s procurement team is encouraged to source and include diverse suppliers in the procurement process. Diverse suppliers that add value, provide reliable quality goods/services that are competitively priced, and align with our strategic business goals may be included in our procurement process. This policy reflects Ciena’s ambition to create equitable opportunities for diverse suppliers to promote their goods and services to Ciena.

The global indirect procurement teams will identify and encourage business functions to seek opportunities to identify minority-owned, women-owned, disadvantaged/disabled, veteran owned, LGBTQA+ and small business suppliers to participate for business opportunities.

The global indirect procurement teams will participate in initiatives to maintain awareness and will encourage diverse suppliers to meet with Ciena associates to review goods and service specifications and supplier credentials, as appropriate.

  • Communicating to Ciena stakeholders, both internally and externally, the value of supplier diversity.
  • Actively seek out suitable diverse suppliers, whose business model is aligned with Ciena’s values, to provide quality goods and services at competitive prices.
  • Facilitate the inclusion of diverse suppliers as a part of our procurement process(es).
  • Driving Ciena’s supplier diversity results to meet our customers’ supplier diversity goals.

The supplier diversity program initiatives highlight Ciena’s intent to increase diversity in our supply chain and enable the growth of diverse businesses in our communities. Ciena will strive to include diverse suppliers and foster relationships that allow diverse organizations to continue to develop, while offering quality goods and services at competitive prices, in a fair and transparent environment.

For more information on Ciena’s supplier diversity program, please email the global indirect procurement team at

New suppliers

Follow these steps to register as a new supplier:

  1. Visit our website:
  2. Register your profile in the "New Supplier Registration" Database
    • Buyers will review your profile for potential business opportunities
    • Supplier Diversity will email your company on the buyer's decision within 45 days of registration
  3. Validate your certification status as a Minority-Owned Business or Small Business