Showcasing the latest advancements in coherent optical, coherent routing, performance pluggables, and multi-layer operations

At OFC 2024, occurring March 26–28 in San Diego, California, Ciena (booth #2427) will present a series of live and virtual demonstrations that illustrate how the Company’s industry-leading optical innovations help service providers design and operate more efficient, resilient, and sustainable networks. Visitors will have the chance to explore Ciena’s 3nm-based coherent optical advancements, including the industry’s first 1.6Tb/s technology with WaveLogic 6 Extreme (WL6e), as well as low-power, 140GBaud 800Gb/s pluggables with WaveLogic 6 Nano (WL6n).


  • Optical (booth #2427) – showcasing modernization of the optical layer with integrated C&L-band ROADM and metro/edge ROADM solutions, low-speed service aggregation on Waveserver, and OTN network modernization with new 6500/O-NID space- and energy-efficient solutions, including 1.2Tb/s switching on a blade
  • Routing and switching (booth #2427) – featuring WaveRouter, a metro router optimized for scalable, sustainable multi-layer convergence, as well as 25GS-PON, vBNG, Vyatta Service Edge, and 400G coherent routing solutions
  • Intelligent multi-layer, multi-vendor network optimization (booth #2427) – presenting Navigator Network Control Suite, a powerful multi-layer software controller offering advanced apps for AI-driven insights and Emulation Cloud for rapid integration testing
  • Liquid cooling (booth #2427) – demonstrating an efficient, novel approach to overcoming cooling challenges associated with future high-powered ASIC and optical components, enabling networks to scale from capacity, space, and power perspectives while significantly reducing energy consumption
  • Professional services (booth #2427) – illustrating how Ciena Services has the right people, processes, and tools to keep networks at peak performance and ensure they are ready for WL6 and WaveRouter—plus tailored services to design and build broadband access networks for quicker time to market
  • Quantum-secure communications – showing how network operators can:
    • Achieve a higher level of security by layering a 400Gb/s MACsec quantum-secure channel over 800Gb/s OTNsec encryption (booth #2427, OFCnet booth #923, and ID Quantique booth #1139)
    • Extend the reach of a quantum-secure 800Gb/s optical channel using QKD trusted nodes (booth #2427, OFCnet booth #923, and Toshiba booth #1108)
  • OIF multi-vendor interoperability (OIF booth #1323) – showing interoperability of 400ZR, OpenZR+, OpenROADM/ITU-T, and Common Management Interface Specification (CMIS), supporting the demos with the 8190 Coherent Metro Router, 8114 Coherent Aggregation Router, and WaveLogic 5 Nano (WL5n) 400G coherent pluggable transceivers
  • IOWN Networking Hub (IOWN booth #912 and The University of Texas at Dallas booth #916) – showing an IP/optical convergence demo with Ciena’s WL5n Universal QSFP-DD, which supports 14 transmission modes, including interoperable 400ZR, OpenZR+, ITU-T, and OpenROADM, as well as higher-performance 400G operating at 70GBaud for extended reach—all with a single amplified QSFP-DD
  • OpenROADM (The University of Texas at Dallas booth #916) - exhibiting OpenROADM-compliant 400Gb/s interoperability in an IPoWDM use case; router-optimized QSFP-DD ZR+ pluggable optics from multiple vendors, including Ciena’s WL5n, are integrated into a Ufispace whitebox router running DriveNets’ DNOS, expanding the application coverage of converged IP/optical architecture

Speaking sessions:

  • Steve Alexander, Ciena’s Chief Technology Officer, will present the “Status of Photonic-Enabled Modules and Interconnects” on Monday, March 25, at 10:45am PT in Room 7
  • Joe Marsella, Ciena’s Vice President of Product Line Management, will present “Next Generation PON Technologies” on Wednesday, March 27, at 2:15pm PT
  • Numerous Ciena subject matter experts are participating in speaking sessions and panel discussions at the conference; see here for the full agenda

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OIF Interoperability Demo at OFC 2024 Features Nearly 50 Companies Addressing Unprecedented Demand for Next-Generation Network Solutions
OIF’s interoperability demonstration at OFC 2024 (booth #1323) will feature 47 member companies showcasing breakthrough solutions in speed, power and density in four key areas: 800ZR, 400ZR and OpenZR+ optics, Energy Efficient Interfaces (EEI), Common Electrical I/O (CEI) channels and Common Management Interface Specification (CMIS) implementations. For more information, visit:

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