Service providers can enhance Ethernet service offerings to support metro, national or global coverage for Enterprise and Carriers with speed, agility and assurance, without sacrificing technical differentiation

Ciena® Corporation (NASDAQ: CIEN), the network specialist, today announced that it is among the first technology vendors to complete the Metro Ethernet Forum (MEF) Carrier Ethernet 2.0 (CE2.0) certification program and receive certification for its award-winning packet networking platforms. Combined with the company’s built-for-speed packet networking toolsets and attributes, Ciena’s CE2.0-certified platforms can be deployed in a multi-vendor network environment and help expand their service footprint and provide innovative service offerings, such as mobile backhaul, business services and cloud applications – with speed, agility and confidence. Ciena leverages the newly defined CE2.0 capabilities along with its advanced hierarchical QoS and leading OAM tools to deliver a comprehensive set of differentiated Ethernet services. The achievement of MEF CE2.0 certification validates that Ciena’s packet networking platforms provide customers the ability to build open, programmable next-generation networks that can scale and adapt to deliver new services.

Key Facts:

  • According to Vertical Systems Group, for the first time this year the share of bandwidth from Carrier Ethernet services exceeded the sum total of all legacy telecoms services across the world, making it the dominant technology in the carrier space. Last year, more than 1.2 billion new Ethernet ports were shipped (400 million wired and 800 million wireless) according to IDC; and Frost & Sullivan, Vertical Systems and Infonetics predict a near $48+ billion services market by 2015.
  • CE2.0 is      the MEF’s designation for its second generation of service standards.      Already a long-time MEF-certified vendor, Ciena now adds CE2.0 compliance,      which brings significant value- added benefits and matches      the enterprise users’ application performance needs to MEF services with      specific SLAs. This will accelerate global deployment and optimization of bandwidth      use and costs.
  • To be among the first recipients of CE2.0 certifications, Ciena passed a comprehensive set of test cases that ensure interoperability in a multi-vendor network environment. CE2.0 certified platforms are well suited to enterprise applications such as datacenter interconnect, datacenter access, transparent LAN, and Internet access. Ciena has been awarded CE2.0 certification for six services each on its 3916 and 3930 Service Delivery Switches, and its 5150 Service Aggregation Switch.
  • With this      certification, Ciena’s customers can dramatically      reduce the time and costs associated with testing Ciena’s packet      networking platforms, and substantially reduce the      time to negotiate service capabilities. CE2.0 certification of Ciena platforms      includes:
    • Support for       six standardized and certified CE2.0 services on each tested platform,       which are supported via Ciena’s Service Aware Operating System (SAOS)—a       common OS available across Ciena’s packet networking solutions.
    • Consistent       use of the MEF-standardized User Network Interface (UNI) and External       Network to Network Interface (E-NNI) to allow ease of multi-vendor       handoff and avoid vendor lock-in.
    • The new E-Access       service type, which allows mid and large-sized operators to expand their       footprint for increased global reach. For local operators, this       represents an additional revenue opportunity to sell wholesale services       within their footprint.
  • Consistent handling of OAM frames, ensuring that service performance can be monitored and debugged on an end-to-end basis even when multiple operator segments are traversed. Debugging and localizing failures can be accomplished more efficiently without finger pointing between operators.
  • Standardized multi-QoS handling to ensure that levels of service are handled consistently between operators and class of service markings are respected at operator handoffs.

Executive Comments:

  • “The achievement of the CE2.0 equipment vendors is a testament to their commitment to outstanding delivery to the Carrier market. MEF CE2.0 standards will enable carriers to choose equipment vendors with greater speed, clarity and certainty.”-       Ihab Tarazi, chairman of the board, MEF, vice president of global planning and technology, Verizon
  • “CE2.0 is important to the future of Carrier Ethernet because it further standardizes how service providers work together, which will assure better interoperability, more effective partnerships and better overall service for customers,” said Karen Schmidt, executive director, enterprise product marketing at Comcast Business Services. "Comcast is pleased to see Ciena taking a leadership role in the CE2.0 certification process. This foundational work is moving the industry forward and is critical to helping service providers bring CE2.0 services to the marketplace.”
    -       Karen Schmidt, executive director, enterprise product marketing, Comcast Business Services
  • “For network      operators, the Carrier Ethernet services market is increasingly competitive,      and the ability to quickly and easily deploy next-generation technology      and turn up new services is critical. By offering ‘built for speed’ packet      networking platforms that are CE2.0 certified, we are      giving our service provider customers a standards-based solution that      allows them to differentiate and improve the customer experience faster      than the competition, as well as the assurance that our technology is      pre-tested to perform in their diverse network environments.”
    -       Rick Dodd, senior vice president of global marketing, Ciena

Technology Background:

  • Rick Dodd, Ciena’s senior vice president of Global Marketing spoke on the “Technology and Market Trends for CE2.0” panel at the MEF America’s Summit. Ciena is represented on the Board of Directors, as co-chair of Technical Committee, Editor of multiple MEF specifications and via contributions in Marketing and Certification committees.
  • With more than 300,000 deployed devices, Ciena’s packet networking platforms equip providers with greater agility in the entire service life-cycle to address key challenges such as improving service turn-up and change intervals, accelerating problem resolution times and reducing overall customer churn. Ciena’s mobile backhaul platforms have been deployed in more than 50 percent of North America’s Ethernet-enabled cell towers.
  • Used by more than 150 carriers, wireless service providers and cable operators worldwide, Ciena’s purpose-built packet networking platforms offer the industry’s richest set of OAM capabilities. They support a wide range of key industry packet transport protocols, such as G.8032 and MPLS-TP thanks to the virtual switching capability native to Ciena’s packet portfolio.
  • Ciena’s packet networking platforms are complemented by the company’s Network Transformation Solutions (NTS) and BizConnect partner program that offer a truly consultative approach to Ciena partners along with joint marketing and sales support.

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