Europe's principal SDN and NFV event, SDN & OpenFlow World Congress, is set to take place on October 14 -17 in Düsseldorf, Germany and promises to be one of the largest gatherings of the SDN and NFV communities. At the event, Ciena® (NYSE: CIEN) (stands 64/65 and 66) will showcase the software defined networking (SDN) elements of its Agility software portfolio, based on its OPn network architecture, and demonstrate how network programmability and on-demand cloud capabilities benefit operators in the wide-area network (WAN). Additionally, Ciena executives and technical experts will present in several technical sessions, workshops and panel discussions throughout the event.


  • Agility software portfolio – Agility      enables the delivery of virtualized, on-demand network services and      functions, optimizing the network by supporting automated provisioning and      dynamic resource allocation. Ciena will show several Agility applications      including NavigateProtect and Optimize, which help operators provision      multi-vendor networks with maximum efficiency and resiliency, and rapidly      create and deploy new, differentiated dynamic services and applications.
  • V-WAN – V-WAN, another      key element of Ciena’s Agility portfolio, is a network resource broker and      service scheduling application that enables SDN programmability and      on-demand services. The demonstration will show how storage, compute and      connect environments can work seamlessly together to enable true,      on-demand enterprise and data center services.
  • Multilayer WAN Controller – Ciena      and Ericsson will display the benefits of multilayer control in an SDN      environment by demonstrating how multiple classes of service can be      delivered in an optimized, multi-vendor environment, with IP VPNs running      over an optical infrastructure with coordinated multilayer resiliency. The      demonstration features the Ciena/Ericsson Multilayer WAN Controller      (MLWC), which is built on the OpenDaylight open source framework.
  • 2014 Global Transport SDN Demonstration – Ciena      will elaborate on its participation in the recent Optical Internetworking      Forum (OIF) and Open Networking Foundation (ONF) 2014 Global      Transport SDN Demonstration. Participating OIF and ONF      member companies recently united to showcase how carriers can leverage SDN      to accelerate the adoption of OpenFlow and Transport SDN technologies that      increase network programmability to support new dynamic services.

Speaking Sessions:Ciena executives and subject matter experts are also scheduled to present during several sessions throughout the event.

October 14

  • 9:10      a.m. CEST – Marc      Cohn, Chair, Market Education Committee, Open Networking Foundation, and      Senior Director Market Development at Ciena, will chair the ONF/SDN Workshop and present Software Defined Networking and ONF- Vision and      Progress.
  • 1:30      p.m. CEST- Mitch Auster, Senior Director      Market Development at Ciena, along with Mike McBride, Director of      Technology at Ericsson, will jointly address How multi-layer control will benefit telecommunications      operators.

October 15

  • 2:10      p.m. CEST– Marc Cohn, Chair, Market      Education Committee, Open Networking Foundation, and Senior Director      Market Development at Ciena, as well as Jonathan Sadler, OIF TC Vice-Chair      at Coriant, will announce the results of the Joint OIF & ONF Transport SDN Carrier-hosted lab      testing. The testing, which will be completed this month,      provides real-world scenarios for both vendors and carriers to test      prototype Transport SDN technology.
  • 2:30      p.m. CEST Lyndon      Ong, Principal Technology Officer and Technical Fellow at Ciena, will present SDN      for the multilayer WAN, which will address multilayer and      multi-domain coordination; network virtualization; optimizing intersection      of centralized and distributed control processes as well as the status of      relevant standards and industry demonstrations.
  • 5:30      p.m. CEST – Steve Adolph, Senior Director      in Ciena’s Strategy Office, will take part in the panel discussion Building      the Ecosystem for NFV, Role of Open Source.

October 16

  • 10:00      a.m. CEST – Chris Janz, Vice President of      Market Development at Ciena, will present the keynote address Carrier      SDN and NFV: reality of an open and multilayer framework driving the      information-powered operator, examining the critical difference      between true ecosystem and vendor “ego-systems.”

October 17

  • 4:45      p.m. CEST – Mitch Auster, Senior Director      of Market Development at Ciena, will take part in the panel discussion SDN/NFV      Innovation.

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