Attendees at next week’s SC Conference 2014 (SC14) taking place in New Orleans will have an opportunity to see a variety of advanced demonstrations from Ciena (NYSE: CIEN) that show how it is transforming research and education (R&E) networking to drive innovation and collaboration between campuses, regions and across the world. Additionally, Ciena is powering the SCinet network at SC14 via its 8700 Packetwave Platform that will support all LAN-based Ethernet traffic with maximum throughput at 100GbE rates, and its 6500 Packet-Optical Platform to provide single-wavelength 200G WAN connectivity.  By providing high-capacity connectivity for both the LAN and WAN, Ciena is equipping SCinet and SC14 exhibitors to showcase their revolutionary high-performance computing applications and data-intensive experiments. 

Demonstrations (Booth #2322):

  • Ciena will demonstrate some of its latest technological enhancements that underpin many of today’s global R&E networks:
    • A glimpse into the future with 400GbE service connectivity, which will enable new levels of data throughput essential to R&E efforts. Ciena will highlight its prototype 400GbE client interface demonstrating traffic continuity via an IXIA 400GbE JumpStart Test system;
    • Instant connectivity for high-speed collaboration via Ciena’s end-to-end cohesive packet networking solutions featuring the multi-terabit 8700 platform and OneControl Unified Management System;
    • Full network layer convergence with Ciena’s 6500 platform that provides unprecedented network flexibility and control with the ability to virtualize network resources;
    • Secure high-performance networking with a high density 10G wire-speed encryption and advanced security elements such as physical tamper detection and zeroisation; and
    • New levels of operational efficiencies with Ciena’s PinPoint Advanced Fiber Analytics’ quick and remote fiber fault localization. 
  • University of Amsterdam (UvA) joint demonstrations:
    • Multi-domain high-bandwidth SDNs demonstration: This will focus on two of the most pressing issues in creating multi-domain high-bandwidth software defined circuits:
      • Standardized network topology and capability models that enable information exchange between autonomous domains when setting up software defined circuits across their boundaries; and
      • An intuitive user interface that simplifies circuit set-up across multiple network domain boundaries.

In this demonstration National Science Foundation’s ExoGENI racks, installed at UvA (Amsterdam), Northwestern University (Chicago) and Ciena’s labs (Ottawa), are connected via a high performance 100 Gbps research network and trans-Atlantic network facilities using the Ciena 8700 platform. This equipment configuration is used to study big data processing on a distributed virtualized compute and storage test bed.

  • Multi-cloud scheduling: This demonstration presents a new technique called "Vampires", which is a user-centric data-aware cloud resource scheduler. The scheduler allows users to deploy applications on multiple clouds with variable performance, connectivity and budget constraints.

  • Ultra Secure Networks in the Cloud: A simple user interface will generate an ultra-secure cloud network environment that can automatically respond to a cyber-attack, by changing network topology, reassigning cloud resources and other intriguing mechanisms. The demonstration emphasizes that the cloud provides an ideal environment for secure networks using network function virtualization technologies. 
  • Future of Possibilities time capsule: Attendees can stop by Ciena’s booth, where a portion has been dedicated to sharing predictions and ideas on how technology will impact our daily lives in the future. Insights will be tweeted during the show via: #futurepossibilities and put in a time capsule to revisit in three years.

Speaking Engagements:

November 16 

  • 9:00 am – 12:00 pm CST (room 274) - “Innovating the Network for Data-Intensive Science” workshop led by Prof. Cees de Laat from UvA. During this workshop de Laat will lead network researchers and innovators in discussing challenges and novel ideas that stretch SCinet even further. 
  • 1:30 pm – 5:30 pm CST (room 274) - “Smart Cyber Infrastructure for Big Data Processing,” a keynote talk by Prof. Cees de Laat from UvA. This talk will present the latest developments in R&E networks to support Big Data sciences. 

November 18 

  • 3:30 pm CST (room 291) - “Transform Large-Scale Science Collaboration” talk led by Ciena’s Rod Wilson, senior director of network architecture. This discussion will address the Science DMZ architecture and how Ciena’s 8700 platform can allow big science to improve collaboration and discovery.

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