Gary Smith, president and CEO, to deliver plenary address

Ciena® Corporation (NYSE: CIEN), the network specialist, will showcase its converged packet optical solutions and Software Defined Networking (SDN) elements of its OPn network architecture at the Moscone Center in the North Hall, Booth #3684 during OFC, the world’s leading optical communications event scheduled to take place March 9-13 in San Francisco, Calif. Through a series of demonstrations Ciena will show how it is enabling network transformation through the intelligence and flexibility of its converged packet-optical solutions, which enable operators to deploy differentiated and innovative services to efficiently address the new consumption model they are experiencing. Additionally, Ciena executives and technical experts will present in a number of technical sessions, workshops and panel discussions throughout the event.

Plenary Address:

  • Tuesday, March 11 at 8:00 a.m. PT: Gary Smith, president and CEO of Ciena, will present “Net Positive: Why the Network Matters Again,” where he will discuss the network ecosystem of tomorrow and how the industry will be presented with new opportunities to drive the user experience through convergence, programmability, openness, and software intelligence.


  • Scaling through convergence (North Hall, Ciena Booth #3684) Ciena will demonstrate how intelligent packet-optical technologies with embedded and discrete software tools are helping our customers transform their networks to gain a competitive edge, as it continues to showcase the future of optical networking.  Highlights include:
    • Improved bandwidth efficiencies using high-density OTN switching over WaveLogic 3 100G across 6500 and 5400 packet-optical platforms;
    • 5400 platform demonstrating nodal scaling to 15Tb/s;
    • Tunable SLAs achieved by leveraging Photonic and OTN OneConnect Intelligent Control Planes;
    • Doubling of network capacity with 200Gb/s bandwidth per wavelength;
    • Plug-and-play Raman with integrated fiber analytics for assured deployment and precise fault localization and recovery;
    • Efficient GE/10GE aggregation with Ciena’s E-Suite family of packet switch modules, spanning converged packet optical and packet networking portfolios; and
    • OneControl Unified Management System for multi-layer network management for end-to-end network visibility and control.
  • Multi-Layer Carrier SDN Applications (North Hall, Ciena Booth #3684): Ciena will also utilize its OPntestbed to demonstrate applications in development for multi-layer path computation, provisioning, dynamic pricing, and network utilization and cost optimizations. Attendees of Ciena’s demonstration will see a live SDN-controlled packet/OTN/DWDM switched network, where traffic flows are intelligently programmed using the OpenFlow protocol across traditional layer boundaries, improving overall efficiency. In addition, attendees will see how:
    • SDN enables increased revenues through analytics-based dynamic pricing for on-demand services;
    • Path selection and provisioning can be improved with multi-layer SDN, by simultaneously factoring in constraints (e.g. bandwidth, latency) and available resources at all layers; and
    • Self-tuning algorithms beyond Shortest Path First may improve network utilization and profitability.

Speaking Sessions:

Ciena executives and subject matter experts are also scheduled to present during several sessions throughout the event.

March 10

  • 9:00 a.m. PT – Loudon Blair, senior technology director at Ciena, will present a short course on “Metro Network: The Transition to Ethernet”.

March 11

  • 12:30      p.m. PT (Expo      Theater III - South, Exhibit Hall C) Steve Alexander, senior vice president and CTO at Ciena,      will present as part of the “Advancing      Optical Solutions in Cloud Computing, Communications and Networking”      panel discussion.
  • 3:00      p.m. PT (North,      Exhibit Hall D) – Doug McGhan, director of Electro-Optics      Development at Ciena, will present on the “Evolution of Coherent Optical Hardware      Solutions for 100G and Beyond” as part of the Market Watch session on “What’s      Happening for 100G and Beyond Ecosystems?”

March 12

  • 2:00      p.m. PT (Expo      Theater III - South, Exhibit Hall C) – Lyndon Ong, principal network architect at Ciena, will      present as part of the “Carrier      SDN Drivers and Evolution” panel discussion.
  • 3:30 p.m. PT (Expo Theater I - North, Exhibit Hall D) – Marc Cohn, senior director of marketing, and Lyndon Ong, principal network architect, at Ciena will present on “How Software Defined Networking Will Alter Optical Transport”

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