Delivers virtualization at the network edge to enable faster time-to-market of new enterprise applications and services

Ciena (NYSE: CIEN), a global leader in edge access devices and service delivery, is accelerating the move to virtualized architectures by introducing an open, distributed network functions virtualization (D-NFV) solution designed to rollout new applications and network services at cloud speed. Attendees at this week’s MEF16 event in Baltimore can see firsthand how Ciena’s new D-NFV solution allows network operators to quickly and reliably roll-out new virtual network services, such as SD-WAN, IP routing, firewalls, and encryption, from their preferred virtual network function (VNF) vendor.

At the event, Ciena will provide a proof-of-concept demonstration of its D-NFV solution in a multi-vendor network that includes Ciena’s Blue Orbit Ecosystem partner RAD, and Ciena BizConnect partner CenturyLink.

Key Facts:

  • Available today, Ciena’s D-NFV solution allows for distributed virtualization by utilizing Blue Planet orchestration, new carrier-grade D-NFV Infrastructure (D-NFVI) software with a zero-touch deployment model, and a new 3906mvi including its pluggable x86 NFV Server Module. The D-NFVI software also can operate on third party COTS servers.
  • Offering network operators greater choice and eliminating vendor lock-in, all elements of Ciena's D-NFVI solution can be mixed and matched with third party components, allowing operators to custom build a complete solution that best fits their needs.
  • Further meeting customer requirements for increased openness and interoperability in multivendor environments, Ciena’s D-NFVI is rooted in carrier-grade software that improves upon OpenStack to deliver the high availability, reliability, security, and operational model that network operators require for distributed applications. The solution also includes a high-performance DPDK accelerated vSwitch with MEF CE2.0 compliance.
  • Ciena customers can also choose from three performance variants of the new 3906mvi x86 NFV Server Modules for cost-optimized deployments that are matched to specific performance needs, and can even host D-NFVI software from third parties, helping to reduce the total cost of ownership.
  • Operators can also leverage Ciena’s suite of Professional Services to help accelerate their transformation toward offering virtual network services in a rapid, reliable, and secure manner.

Executive Comments:

  • “It is well known that network operators want to offset the threats from OTT players and declining network connectivity service revenues. D-NFV supports the worldwide operator #1 NFV use case of enterprise vCPE that provides the carrier goal of service agility. We believe that operators will want to examine the flexible mix-and-match openness of Ciena’s D-NFV solution that is designed to meet specific needs of individual service providers.”
    -     Michael Howard, Sr., Research Director and Advisor, Carrier Networks, IHS Markit
  • “While many vendors on the market today offer various components of a D-NFV solution, Ciena is pioneering a complete solution that is both field-proven and innovative. Our open, D-NFV solution gives service providers the hardware, software, and professional services they need to offer distributed network services and expedites time to revenue, lowers overall costs, and eliminates vendor lock-in.”
    -     Steve Alexander, Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, Ciena

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