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Quality management program

Superior quality and innovation are the underpinnings of Ciena’s customer relationships. Ciena has maintained external certification to TL9000 standards since 2003, further bolstering our customers’ confidence in the high level of quality of our products and services and leading them to select Ciena as their preferred supplier.

The primary objective of Ciena’s Quality Management Program (QMP) is to leverage our high level of industry experience. Our QMP is based on the guiding principles, procedures, and quality controls essential for assuring our customers receive consistent products and services and stay with us over the long haul. For Ciena, quality and innovation are enduring strategic imperatives, the success of which is measured by continued customer satisfaction.

Ciena’s CEO is responsible for defining Ciena’s Quality Policy, which reflects Ciena’s organizational goals and supports our customers’ needs and expectations.

Executive management is committed to Ciena’s QMP and continually improving its effectiveness. Ciena executives demonstrate their commitment to meeting customer requirements by focusing on capturing product, service, and quality requirements. Customer feedback is collected annually and results are reviewed to determine opportunities to enhance our customers’ experiences and relationships with Ciena.

Ciena’s management ensures our corporate Quality Policy, QMP, and quality objectives are supported by all employees. Customer satisfaction data collected directly from customers through Ciena’s Customer Feedback Annual Survey are used to measure how successfully we are achieving corporate quality objectives.

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