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Brodie Gage

Senior Vice President, Global Products & Supply Chain

About Brodie Gage

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About Brodie Gage

Born in Belleville, Ontario, and the son of an Air Force pilot, Brodie Gage’s life has been driven by change and adaptation. Brodie spent his formative years moving from one city to another, including Ottawa, Toronto, and, later, Scott Air Force Base in Illinois, until he and his family settled into a small town in Quebec, where he resides with his family today.

Growing up, Brodie contemplated following in his father’s footsteps by joining the military, or finding a career in the fields of engineering, mathematics, or physics. Ultimately, his interest in technology, coupled with a passion for business and marketing, led him to aspire to be a Senior Executive or General Manager in a technology-based business.

Brodie’s competitive spirit, shaped by his love for sports, played a crucial role in shaping who he is today. He played hockey, soccer, tennis, and participated in track and field. This dedication to competition also extended to his academic life, as he went on to earn a Bachelor of Electrical Engineering from McGill University. To further equip himself for his professional future, he later completed a three-year Chartered Financial Analyst Program to immerse himself in the financial side of business.

Brodie's diverse work experience, starting from Systems Engineering at Nortel and later Ciena, has been instrumental in shaping his career trajectory. His swift transition to Strategic Product Marketing, followed by Product Line Management, allowed him to play a key role in shaping Ciena's optical portfolio roadmap. Brodie also recently served as Ciena’s Vice President of Product Line Management and Solutions, where he was responsible for the global business performance, product life cycle, and strategic direction for Ciena’s product portfolio.

In October 2023, leveraging his accumulated experiences, Brodie stepped into his current leadership role as Ciena’s Senior Vice President of Global Products and Supply Chain. He now oversees critical functions including Product Line Management, Global Supply Chain, and Solutions, Engineering, and Introductions (SE&I).

“In every role, I learned something new, something valuable,” Brodie notes. “Each role offered a unique perspective and helped me understand the business from different angles.”

Brodie is motivated by the prospect of growth and competition. He thrives on working with his team to expand the existing business into new markets and delivering value for shareholders. He also derives immense satisfaction from seeing his teammates succeed and witnessing the positive impact of their work on customers.

When asked to give advice to his younger self, Brodie comments, “Don’t rush things in your career. Take the time to take on different roles and learn more aspects of the business to build a strong base before worrying about moving upward.” He adds, “Enjoy the journey and don’t stress so much. And, take the time you need with your family and friends.”

In his free time, Brodie enjoys playing golf, traveling, and spending time with his wife, daughter and dog.