The demands placed on today’s network providers can be daunting. Iliad, an innovative telco serving 43 million subscribers across France, Italy and Poland and the inventor of the world’s first triple-play box, knows this firsthand. They want to provide their customers with the best user experience, support new services with unpredictable and growing bandwidth demands – all at a low cost.

The demands don’t stop there. It is also important for network providers today to be good corporate citizens by reducing their environmental impacts.

An innovator in Europe – now with two new industry firsts! 

Iliad can now lay claim to two new firsts: it is the first provider to offer high-capacity connectivity at 800Gb/s speeds in both France and Italy. Iliad is expanding its network in both counties with Ciena’s Waveserver 5 platform powered with WaveLogic 5 Extreme coherent optics, building new routes as well as upgrading its existing installed base with new high-capacity links.

By using the latest in coherent technology innovations, Iliad is adding capacity and intelligence to existing network infrastructure, maximizing fiber capacity and networking efficiencies. This significantly reduces the cost per transported bit, equipment footprint and system complexity.

The benefit to subscribers? Richer experiences whenever and wherever they want to use them.

Getting more for less

With WaveLogic 5 Extreme programmable 200G-800G technology, Iliad is now connecting long distance locations with 400Gb/s – 600Gb/s wavelength speeds and deploying 800Gb/s wavelengths for shorter links. The new technology allows for 4 to 8 times the amount of data throughput for each wavelength deployed, and a whopping increase of 75 - 160% more capacity they can transport over each fiber. These efficiency gains mean that Iliad is also meeting demands from a green perspective, with massive reduction in both footprint and energy consumption.

How does this benefit their business? For an Internet, mobile and cloud provider like Iliad, this means that continuing to close the digital divide and innovate to launch new 5G and high-capacity cloud connectivity services is possible, primarily using existing infrastructure.

Of course, being an innovator means realizing improvements today, as well as positioning yourself for developments in the future. The deployment means Iliad is ready to easily upgrade to next generation 400G router architectures as needed.

Enabling faster networks and a greener future

As leading providers like Iliad move to software-driven, adaptive, highly scalable networks, advanced coherent optics are playing a critical role in delivering maximum operational efficiencies, cost savings and service agility. These efficiencies deliver critical features so that network providers can continue to offer cost-effective plans to subscribers and move to a sustainable network. Despite all the challenging demands providers face today, Iliad is proof that it is possible to build networks that are greener, innovative, and cost-effective.

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