When Digital Realty (formerly known as Interxion) decided to expand its operations in Marseille, real-estate and power constraints led the company to build a second data centre four kilometres from the original site, and connect the two facilities with a super-fast Data Centre Interconnect (DCI) network. This allowed Digital Realty to create a single virtualized data centre campus, giving its clients light-speed access to subsea cables, platforms, connectivity providers and other partners at both sites.

To provide connectivity between the two data centres, Digital Realty decided to deploy a next-generation DCI solution from Ciena. By connecting its data centres in Marseille using Ciena technology, Digital Realty can provide a seamless experience for clients. With high-speed, scalable, reliable interconnections between data centres, the company can also expand its network of data centres, even if no sites are available next to their existing locations.

“Ciena’s DCI solution allows us to scale many wavelengths on a single fibre pair. That means we can stay ahead of client’s interconnection needs for years to come and manage our fibre capacity efficiently,” says Mike Hollands, Director of Market Development and Strategy, Digital Realty.

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