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At our core, we're passionate about powering networks and empowering our communities. Learn more about who we are—beyond the technology we design.

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Working at Ciena as a US Army Senior Officer: How Ciena Helps Fahad Balance Sales and Service

Fahad Digankar is a technical account manager on the Ciena government sales team who shared his experience balancing his military career in the army with his civilian career here at Ciena.


Press release

BT Group gets services live quicker for customers with Blue Planet, reducing engineering effort along the way

BT Group’s Digital Unit today announces it is working with Blue Planet, a division of Ciena, to simplify the way it automates the orchestration and delivery of network services as part of customer orders and service requests, across the Group’s Consumer and Business products.



Q4 and year end 2023 Financial Results

December 7,2023 7:00 am ET

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Episode 67: Boosting the Employability of India’s Underserved Youth with Udayan Care

Udayan Care’s Managing Trustee Dr. Kiran Modi joins Ciena International’s Internal Comms Lead, Shreya Chakraborty to discuss the untapped potential of India’s youth and what can be done to ensure they are ready for the digital economy of the future.