Global networking for a web-scale world

GeoMesh epitomizes the convergence of submarine and terrestrial network and web-scale technologies, yielding previously impossible economies of scale across the entire global network. The combination of coherent transport and ROADMs lowers costs and end-to-end latency—while bringing total capacities to web-scale levels.

Ciena's GeoMesh unifies submarine and terrestrial networks like never before.


Seamless global solutions

GeoMesh solutions leverage industry-leading technologies to address current and future global connectivity needs. The GeoMesh architecture simplifies the PoP-to-PoP transport layer through coherent transmission and ROADM-based optical bypass, while adding service intelligence and the robustness of an intelligent switching layer, governed by Ciena’s OneConnect control plane.

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Reduce costs while increasing capacity

WaveLogic 3 Extreme coherent 100 Gb/s technologies, with programmable modulation schemes, bring web-scale ultimate capacities to submarine networks, whatever the age, technology, or origin of the submerged plant.

This unique combination of industry-leading technologies unites networks like never before. Operators can significantly simplify their global network designs, increase capacity via simple 100 Gb/s channel upgrades, and increase resilience, despite inevitable natural and manmade faults.

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GeoMesh. Land. Sea. Cloud. Networks Unite.

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