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Ciena is the world leader
in Data Center Interconnect

Let us help you go web-scale

Connect, Scale, and Manage your Data Centers and Cloud Computing

The explosion of data and the ever growing demand for your business requires sophisticated technologies designed to provide high speed connectivity, help you scale rapidly and yet require less management effort. Ciena is the world leader in Data Center Interconnect. Grow your business with the best in the industry!

Connect @ Speed

Information is the lifeblood of your business—and it must be stored, protected, and easily accessible. Our Data Center Interconnect (DCI) solutions help you achieve all three, while gaining efficiencies and lowering costs. Ciena solutions help you to connect your data centers regardless of their distance, whether they are just across the road in the same metro region or across the continent.

Grow fast @ Scale

Not all data centers are the same. You need solutions that can offer the best express point-to-point connectivity in the industry or combine that with a broadest range of features, all designed to connect to your content faster. You need the right solution that will scale with your business, whether your business is just beginning to take off or you are reaching billions of users, whether you are using public, private or hybrid cloud.

Manage @ Ease

We provide management and automation tools that simplify your life. You can either use our intuitive devops management software or use your existing software with our robust APIs. Either ways, you are in business faster with less ongoing management overhead.


Ciena’s broad range of products enables growing enterprises, web-scale operators and data center operators to rapidly connect to different sites at industry’s highest speeds at lowest economics.

  • Simply add incremental connectivity capacity by just plugging in more Waveservers
  • Get the most bang for your buck from our leadership in modulation technologies and industry-leading ASICs – we push the performance frontier to get you the best solutions
  • Seamlessly add and manage devices with our modern software built for scalability and simplicity


The point of deploying data centers in the metro region is to provide faster access to content. Maximize this with the fastest connectivity possible while still benefiting from our cost-economics using Ciena’s Waveserver®. Whether you want to send high-frequency trading data or hologram videos, we’ve got you covered with the best modulation technology.



Connecting communities across countries and continents, , our long-haul products offer best performance economics in the market. Using the right technology for the right distance as opposed to one-size fits all provides excellent performance while optimizing cost.



Customers want a quick experience for their cloud services regardless of whether your data is across the street or across the ocean. Our submarine products give new life to your existing subsea assets by increasing capacity dramatically. Our GeoMesh capability converges your submarine and terrestrial networks to save money and improve resiliency.



Our software portfolio is designed with your data center needs in mind. Ciena’s WaveServer Essentials application to manage Waveservers is built from the ground-up for scalability and simplicity using modern software technologies. Our PinPoint software lets you pinpoint the exact location of a fiber failure without the need for external test sets or equipment, saving you hundreds of hours and customer dissatisfaction.

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