Native Video Transport

Today's media and entertainment companies, health care providers, and educational organizations are realizing that compressing HD and other high-end video results in a loss of quality. This makes video—from sporting events and cinema to tele-surgery applications—harder to edit and display on today's high-resolution TVs.

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The 565 is a compact and cost-optimized metro WDM platform that enables a variety of data, storage and video services to be cost-efficiently aggregated onto an optical wavelength-based network or service.

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5100/5200 Advanced Services Platform

The 5100 and 5200 offer an open, scalable, high-availability (99.999 percent) architecture ideal for applications such as business continuity and disaster recovery, Ethernet transport, optical storage connectivity and fiber relief.

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Native Digital Video Transport for Content Production and Broadcasting

Broadcasters and film and television producers face the common challenge of transporting HD video content reliably and cost-effectively. Whether they need to transfer video between production studios (pre- and post-), or from an external venue to the production studios, the key considerations include signal integrity, cost and operational simplicity.