Network Monetization

Ready to upgrade your network—and your business? Our Network Monetization solution harnesses big data and analytics to tailor your offerings regionally and stand out in the mature Ethernet Business Services market. Build the business of your network today.

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Network Monetization

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Network Monetization

Ciena’s Network Transformation Solutions practice helps service providers achieve strategic business goals with a portfolio of solutions, services, and programs that modernize and monetize networks. Our consultative approach helps you generate new sources of revenue, increase sales conversion rates, and improve margins and profitability.

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Cloud Networking

Ciena’s Performance-on-Demand Cloud Backbone network effectively breaks down the physical walls of individual data centers, creating a virtual data center that encompasses multiple physical ones. Ciena calls this innovative approach a "Data Center Without Walls".

How can a Data Center Without Walls improve your business? Find out now.

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Network Modernization

Network Modernization maximizes business value through a succession of tactical and strategic steps that transform your infrastructure and operations to be as efficient as possible—for present and future demand.

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Datacenter Connect

Information is the lifeblood of your business—and it must be stored, protected, and easily accessible. Our Datacenter Connect solution helps you achieve all three, while gaining efficiencies and lowering costs.

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Network Encryption

Your business is your data. Our Network Encryption solution safeguards your critical data from unwanted intrusions—transporting it securely and transparently across a variety of architectures.

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Ultra-Low-Latency Networking

Milliseconds can mean millions of dollars. Our flexible Ultra-Low-Latency Networking solution helps you transport data with the absolute lowest latency, or balance your latency requirements with other critical network characteristics—setting you apart from the competition.

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Mobile Backhaul

Insatiable demand for information means provider networks are under enormous strain. Our Mobile Backhaul solution optimizes your existing infrastructure to alleviate the demand, and prepare you for what’s next—like we’ve always done.

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Monetizing Networks in the Cloud Era

Enterprises are increasingly adopting cloud services for an enhanced IT experience while maintaining or reducing costs. Adopting a new breed of cloud services, enterprises require more bandwidth at more locations, higher performance, enhanced security, faster service turn-up, and on-demand connectivity. These dynamics present challenges and opportunities for service providers because their networks will experience very different traffic demand patterns with unprecedented performance requirements. This paper explains how providers can address these challenges and opportunities to more efficiently monetize their network and human assets.

The Power of Software in Ciena's OPn Network Architecture

Ciena's OPn bends the cost curve of networking down in the face of rapidly increasing bandwidth and rising uncertainty in service demands, while enabling network operators to monetize new applications better and more quickly and deliver superior user experiences. These goals can be accomplished by leveraging lean packet-optical techniques and a service delivery architecture requiring fewer and lower-cost bits with intelligent management and control software—that is, smarter bits. This paper discusses some of the key software-centric elements OPn offers to enable smarter bits to reduce costs and increase revenues.

Winning in the Ethernet Business Services Market

The global Ethernet services market is maturing, compelling providers to seek more effective ways to differentiate and sell their services. Service providers are convinced that achieving meaningful differentiation entails looking beyond cost per bit and the standard MEF-defined feature set to capabilities that give them the advantage of speed. Ethernet can solve these problems, but that alone is not enough to ensure success in a crowded market. Through a consultative partner approach that combines meaningful service differentiation and a tailored and analytical go-to-market model, Ciena helps providers accelerate revenue growth and profitability.

Growing Ethernet Business Services Revenue with GeoAnalytics

Ciena's GeoAnalytics service is a technique that assists service providers with a comprehensive business plan for profitably extending services in a particular geographical region. GeoAnalytics provides insights to the best approach and access technologies required for any given market and region. By identifying clusters of demand based on a geographic relationship between prospects, GeoAnalytics provides the means to reach that demand economically, in a manner that cannot be recognized or realized by conventional means.