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Deploy a solution that's proven in over 200 customer networks around the globe.

As the pioneer of coherent technology for optical communications, with over 50,000 coherent line interfaces shipped, Ciena offers a comprehensive, high-capacity coherent portfolio, with hardware tailored to efficiently address any metro, regional, long-haul, or submarine application.


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Unmatched Performance

Extract the most capacity out of existing network assets.

WaveLogic 3 employs unique Digital Signal Processing (DSP) capabilities in both the transmitter and receiver, including Soft-Decision Forward Error Correction (SD-FEC), to provide unmatched performance.

What does this mean for you?

  • Greater capacity at longer unregenerated reaches, with fewer regens deployed
  • Programmable performance for latency-sensitive applications
  • Increased capacity across cascaded ROADMs via spectral shaping
  • Superior tolerance to chromatic dispersion and PMD for operation over ALL fiber

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Extreme Programmability with WaveLogic 3 Extreme

With integrated wire-speed encryption and the ability to adjust to any one of five modulations, Ciena's WaveLogic 3 Extreme chipset provides maximum capacity for any distance. The end result? Secure high-capacity transport at reduced cost per bit.

  • Extreme 16QAM – Doubles the capacity and spectral efficiency of 100G with 200 Gb/s per wavelength; WaveLogic 3 Extreme extends 16QAM benefits from metro to regional distances.
  • Extreme 8QAM – Supports 50% additional capacity versus QPSK with 150 Gb/s per wavelength, for applications ranging between 16QAM and QPSK distances.
  • Extreme QPSK – Provides strong performance 100 Gb/s per wavelength for most long-haul and transatlantic submarine distances; WaveLogic 3 Extreme provides enhanced non-linear mitigation for best performance alongside 10G channels.
  • Extreme BPSK – Achieves 100G transmission over trans-Pacific submarine applications using two 50 Gb/s carriers; WaveLogic 3 Extreme provides additional robustness to non-linear impairments.
  • Extreme 8D-2QAM – A unique modulation developed by Ciena that offers equivalent spectral efficiency to BPSK, but provides additional system gain and robustness against non-linear impairments, increasing reach by up to 20 percent and capacity by up to 40 percent versus BPSK.

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Lowest Power Consumption with WaveLogic 3 Nano

Push 100G further into the metro with WaveLogic 3 Nano.

Ciena’s new WaveLogic 3 Nano chipset is custom-tailored to address metro economics, delivering 100G at lowest power and smallest footprint while optimizing performance for metro and regional applications.

Maximizing 100G efficiencies, WaveLogic 3 Nano delivers increased 100G service density, allowing the integration of coherent optics with OTN and/or packet switching across Ciena’s portfolio, without any sacrifice to switching capacity.

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8D-2QAM stands for 8-Dimensional 2 Quadrature Amplitude Modulation.

8D is an 8-dimensional modulation that consists of two time-consecutive 4D sets of field dimensions: in phase, at quadrature, vertical polarization, and horizontal polarization.

2QAM indicates equivalent spectral efficiency to BPSK.

The advantage of 8D over 4D
is greater immunity to noise and the ability to significantly reduce the nonlinear interference between WDM channels.

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