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WaveLogic Photonics is Ciena’s fully instrumented, intelligent photonic system comprising WaveLogic coherent optics and flexible line elements that combine with embedded and discrete software tools to offer superior automation, control, and visibility of optical networks.

What does this mean for you? Your optical network just got a whole lot smarter—and your life, a whole lot simpler.



Transform Your Network into an Application-responsive Asset

WaveLogic Photonics:

  • Implements breakthrough innovation and unique photonic intelligence to convert your operational model from manual to programmable
  • Offers increased automation, accelerating service responsiveness to get you to revenue faster
  • Provides a fully flexible programmable foundation for your software-defined architecture

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Maximize Capacity with Industry-leading WaveLogic Coherent Optics

Ciena's industry-leading WaveLogic coherent optics give you broader, more economical deployment of 100G across long-haul terrestrial and global submarine networks and double the traffic capacity in metro/regional applications.

Beyond reducing transport costs, WaveLogic 3-based transceivers have real-time access and visibility to physical network parameters and can be programmed to adapt to changing requirements for capacity, reach, and latency.

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Future-proof Flexible Photonic Architectures

Improve your service deployment agility by tailoring your photonic architecture to your application.

Ciena offers the full range of photonic architectures, from passive filters and Coherent Select for simple access/metro service extensions, to directionless, colorless, contentionless, and/or flexible grid ROADMs. This capability enables the long-anticipated agile network, providing the power to send any service anywhere in the network, dynamically.

Unique to Ciena, Coherent Select is an innovative, simple-to-deploy photonic architecture designed to help operators succeed in today’s web-scale world by bringing 100G closer to the access with wide deployment scalability.

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Move from Manual to Programmable at Your Own Pace

Ciena’s field-proven OneConnect Intelligent Control Plane extends distributed intelligence to the photonic layer and provides as much or as little control over wavelength routing as you desire. Now you can efficiently offer new advanced service offerings with a wide range of service-level guarantees and zero surprises from the network.

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Recover dBs of Margin with PinPointTM Advanced Fiber Analytics

PinPoint, Ciena’s fiber analytic software, leverages integrated Optical Time Domain Reflectometer (OTDR) capabilities to create a complete fiber loss profile—similar to taking a CT scan of the network. Now, you can precisely localize and address potential trouble spots, reducing the risk of outages and accelerating repair times from days to hours.

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Benefit from Raman Gain without the Pain

Smart Raman with simple and controlled turn-up and autonomous testing ensures proper fiber conditions are met prior to self-activation. Adding plug-and-play Raman into the network will optimize span and system designs and minimize the use of costly regenerators. Now you can avoid time-consuming manual configuration steps as well as fiber or equipment damage that comes with traditional Raman deployments.

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