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Do you want to learn more about Ciena's products?

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Blue Planet
Manage, Control and Plan

Unleash the programmability of your trusted Ciena network

Manage, Control and Plan horizontal card

Tired of using multiple, separate tools that force time-consuming, manual, error-prone steps, to only get part of the job done? Ready to unify and optimize the operations of your Ciena network assets, across optical and packet layers, with consistency, reliability, speed? What if you could evolve your network operations with real-time, software-defined programmability to drive service agility? It’s time to reinvent the way you manage your network with Blue Planet Manage, Control and Plan (MCP).

Manage, Control and Plan diagram

Built on Blue Planet’s open and extensible architecture, MCP is a strategic shift from legacy, fragmented network management software. This software is leading the transformation to programmable, IT-centric operations that easily integrate into your business processes. Blue Planet MCP provides end-to-end lifecycle operations that unify network and service management through granular resource control and online network planning, all within a single user interface.

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With MCP, you can quickly perform all the essential tasks that keep the network running smoothly today, and tomorrow:

  • Deploy services rapidly across your Ciena infrastructure
  • Monitor network utilization levels in real time
  • Troubleshoot performance issues quickly
  • Leverage network data analysis for online capacity planning


No. 1

Accelerates time-to-market through a single, intuitive interface that lets you plan, provision and turn up multi-layer services rapidly

No. 2

Extracts optimal value from your advanced network infrastructure, such as WaveLogic Ai coherent optics, through data-driven online capacity planning

No. 3

Streamlines your business processes by integrating easily with billing and operations support systems (B/OSS) and multi-layer orchestration systems, using open REST APIs

No. 4

Expedites troubleshooting and service assurance through a unified, real-time view of your network and service topology

No. 5

Helps you grow and scale your network as you need, by leveraging Blue Planet’s micro-services extensible architecture and flexible IT deployment

No. 6

Propels you on an evolutionary path to programmable, IT-centric operations, leading to multi-vendor, multi-domain service orchestration


  • +Supported Operating Environments
    • Server
      • Red Hat Enterprise (RHEL) 7.x or equivalent (64-bit)
      • Clustering for high availability and geographically redundant configurations available
      • Deployment on bare metal and virtualized/cloud infrastructure (such as OpenStack, VMWare)
      • Specific hardware requirements will vary based upon network size, complexity, and supported network element types. Please consult a Ciena representative for sizing and deployment guidelines
    • Client
      • HTML 5 web client usable with modern Web browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge)
  • +Supported Ciena Network Elements
    • Converged Packet Optical: 6500 family, 6200 Packet-Optical Platform, Waveserver®
    • Packet Networking: 3000 family, 5000 family, 8700 Packetwave® Platform
  • +Supported Configurations and Services
    • Optical
      • Colorless Direct Attach (CDA) Flexible Grid
      • Colorless Directionless (CD) Flexible Grid
      • Colorless Directionless Contentionless (CDC) Flexible Grid
      • WL3 and WLAi Transponders
    • Packet
      • MPLS-Transport Profile (TP) services and tunnel management
      • MPLS-TP with Q-in-Q spurs
      • MPLS Multi-Segment Pseudo-Wire (MS-PW)
      • Carrier Ethernet services: E-Line, E-Tree, E-Access, E-Transit

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