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Emulation Cloud


Ciena’s Emulation Cloud™ is an open application development environment designed to help customers and third-party developers create, test, and fine-tune customized applications. It unlocks the full potential of APIs by providing a development portal where customers can innovate and develop new applications without investing in IT infrastructure. It's a one-stop shop for all of a developer’s needs when creating new tools with Ciena’s rich and open APIs.

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Create, test and fine-tune custom applications in Ciena’s Emulation Cloud.


No. 1

Up your application game with our help.

Unlocking the full potential of Ciena’s open APIs has never been so easy. Ciena’s Emulation Cloud provides sample code and tutorials as well as complete API definitions and documentation to help jumpstart your coding efforts. Questions? The Emulation Cloud gives you direct access to Ciena’s experts as well as discussion groups to support you along the way. We’ve got you covered.

No. 2

Maximize the impact of your applications.

Whether you’re looking for enhanced network visualization, detailed performance monitoring, customized fault and capacity event notifications—or any other application around your own needs—Ciena’s Emulation Cloud lets you leverage our open APIs to build innovative applications to redefine your operational model.

No. 3

Speed up service activation without driving up costs.

Life is good in the cloud. Ciena’s Emulation Cloud allows you to cost-effectively create tools to manage the network and provision services. A lower cost of entry to develop new service models? Yes, please.

No. 4

Accelerate DevOps and web-scale IT integration by enabling customers and partners to create, test, and fine-tune applications and scripts via a cloudbased solution

No. 5

Access full API definitions and descriptions and tap into Ciena expert for questions regarding APIs and code

No. 6

Schedule and use virtual lab time to develop unique operational tools without IT infrastructure investment

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