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Ciena’s BizConnect Partner Program

Partners are important. Finding the right partnership can optimize your success.

When identifying a technology partner we understand a lot goes into choosing correctly. You need support. You need tools. And you need the opportunity to learn more and maximize your profit potential.

We believe our BizConnect Partner Program is different. We pride ourselves on being more than a just a supplier. We focus on being a valued business partner.

Together we can create a partnership that offers you market-leading solutions, world-class training, and the tools you need to get it done.

Managed Service Provider

As a Carrier there are many challenges you face: identifying new markets, deciding which services to offer, integrating new service offerings with legacy systems, and marketing the service and training your salespeople while growing revenue and profit. Launching and maintaining these services takes work—and it takes a team. At Ciena, we think and act as an extension of your team. Across the globe we’re identifying market trends, buyer personas, and best-in-class marketing—and bringing that insight to you. By joining these together with world-class tools and our analytics services we help your team provide maximum revenue and increased profit.

Solution Provider

Not all technology is created equal and neither are all partner programs. We know that the best way to bring success to your business is to deliver world-class tools and support AND market-leading products and solutions. Ciena’s Solution Provider Partner Program for VAR (Value Added Reseller), SI (System Integrator) and Distributor partners, focuses on bringing that to you. We offer automated tools, marketing, and training resources—making it easy to drive programs and give you flexibility and self-sufficiency; that way your priority can always be meeting your business goals.


Ciena’s alliance program provides certified assurance and integration with industry-leading solutions. It’s a great way for you to focus on your business and worry less about the technology that runs it.

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Ciena BizConnect Partner Program

Design innovative services

Whether you are a Solution Provider, Managed Services Provider, or a Technology Alliance Partner, every member of the Ciena partner ecosystem is enabled and rewarded with competitive benefits that ensure long-term success.

Empower your teams and engage your customers

Ciena is a leader in the converged optical Ethernet space. Partnering with Ciena allows you to collaborate with an industry specialist to deliver the industry’s most innovative and trusted solution portfolio.

Build new markets

With Ciena BizConnect marketing, support, and learning resources, you can capitalize on a worldwide market that is growing at an estimated 12.3 percent year over year.

Leverage world-class resources

Ciena’s automated tools, marketing, and training resources have been created to give you more flexibility and self-sufficiency, allowing you to concentrate on meeting your business goals.

Achieve your strategic objectives

With BizConnect, you can tailor your relationship and product portfolio to meet your strategic and organizational needs, enabling you to control which Ciena solutions you sell and how you sell them.

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Taking our BizConnect partner program to the next level


Ready to build a relationship that can build your business today?