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Winning the content battle

Driving network evolution to improve customer quality of experience and meet future demand

Competition is encroaching. Digital media, OTT providers, and traditional service providers. All of them are players in the market that Cable MSOs own. Many rely on cable broadband networks to deliver their services. And while their hard-working networks haven’t remained static, Cable MSOs are continually evolving to stay ahead of the competition. Driving innovations in high-speed data, Internet solutions, cloud, and managed service offerings has made Cable MSOs leaders in consumer services and enterprise applications.

Virtualization and fiber deep: A winning combination
It’s an on-demand world. Expectations are high. Exceeding user expectations is critical to long-term success. To maintain their advantage, Cable MSOs are driving fiber deep, pushing the network closer to subscribers. This approach will improve Quality of Experience (QoE), with higher bandwidth capacity, all while reducing operational costs.

The big three

No. 1

Highly responsive Internet services

Cable networks are the backbone for e-commerce, security, and video for millions of subscribers who rely on them to work, entertain, learn, and shop. By bringing content even closer to consumers and utilizing data center technology, Cable MSOs are able to increase bandwidth, improve service offerings, and drive better margins.

No. 2

Performance on demand

The network is a resource that delivers real-time responsiveness and the ability to scale with demand. Cable MSOs have been investing in innovations that have made their networks more flexible with network DVR, fast forward/rewind, and high-speed services.

No. 3

Best-in-class Quality of Experience

Marrying transport and analytics software provides the ability to quickly react and provide a differentiated user experience to customers—whether they’re binge watching or binge shopping. The right mix of bandwidth and orchestration move Cable MSOs from best effort to best-in-class QoE.

Industry insights

Cable is a multi-dimensional industry that maintains a local feel with services and content relevant to the user. Beyond the home, cable follows subscribers with Wi-Fi hot spots in parks, train stations, and places where people want to be connected. For businesses, Cable MSOs provide connectivity that matches their needs. With so much capacity, Cable MSOs are the go-to provider for their high-capacity backbone for mobile operators.

Additionally, by bundling video, Internet, phone, and even mobile services on one bill, the cable industry is well-positioned to deliver the on-demand experience consumers demand. And not to be outdone in the content arena, Cable MSOs are developing their own content for production and distribution, as well as investing in new and unique content.

Ciena insights

Cable MSOs need to deliver a next-gen level of experience that meets customer expectations for flexibility, control, and high-quality anytime/anywhere access. Capacity, speed, and virtualization with SDN and NFV are helping drive cable forward.

Cable is continuing to evolve and by driving the fiber deeper, Cable MSOs can further improve performance and at the same time reduce costs. Deep fiber drives the digital signal closer to the subscribers. This increases potential bandwidth to homes, helping cable innovate faster with new services, making it more reliable, and delivering cost efficiencies.

What’s next

Cable networks are vital to the future of the cloud. It is their combination of network, compute, and storage that creates the best user experience. By offering the right mix of bandwidth and orchestration, Cable MSOs will be able to take their businesses to the next level.

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