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Coherent Optics

What are WaveLogic Coherent Optics?

Our WaveLogic coherent optics are deployed across our optical and packet networking products to power 100G-800G solutions driving scalablity, intelligence, and programmability—critical elements of the Adaptive Network.

WaveLogic 5

The latest generation of our coherent technology gives you tunable bandwidth from 200G-800G so you can maximize capacity, automate, and evolve to 400G-interface routers with efficient 400GbE client connect across any distance—from across the metro to across the Pacific. With the addition of 100G-400G footprint-optimized solutions, you can extend WaveLogic benefits to innovative, new applications to drive better user experiences.

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WaveLogic Ai

WaveLogic Ai lets you tackle unpredictable bandwidth demands with a single hardware module that can optimize capacity across any path and flexibly move bandwidth where you need it. With tunable 100G-400G, it gives you double the capacity per wavelength across applications versus 100G/200G solutions—which translates into increased network efficiency and reduced cost per bit.

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WaveLogic 3

Looking for a solution that’s proven in over 200 customer networks around the globe—from the shortest metro to the longest compensated subsea link? Meet WaveLogic 3. Optimized for 50GHz systems, it supports the full mix of service and client rates from 10G to 100G—including full throughput, wire-speed encryption—for transport over 100G-200G wavelengths.

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