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Protect your in-flight data.

Protect your business with third party certified encryption solutions.

Global data protection regulations, including the GDPR in Europe, set out strict guidelines for data usage, storage, and transport. To help you streamline compliance, and minimize the risk of data breaches look to the FIPS and BSI certified Ciena’s WaveLogic™ Encryption solutions to protect all of your critical in-flight data 24/7.

Building network security on third-party certified solutions is key—anytime and anywhere. Certified encryption solutions ensure that all the relevant security features are well-defined and auditable, helping to reassure customers and regulators that data is protected, end to end.

Wavelogic Encryption is the first optical encryption solution in the industry to achieve full BSI certification, alongside Ciena’s existing Common Criteria and FIPS certifications.

Wavelogic Encryption. Always on and where you need it.

In our globally connected world WAN security is key

Data security is a priority for everyone. Unfortunately, in-flight data, once considered inherently secure, is vulnerable to criminals that have the ability to tap into fibre connections.

To make sure that there is no weak link anywhere in your network, Ciena’s Wavelogic Encryption is third-party tested and certified to the highest industry standards.

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Providing the highest security standard, level of trust, and credibility are essential for today´s global businesses. Accordingly, WAN security has become a key requirement in tender processes for network rollouts, and is critical for protecting customers and their data. In any case, sensitive data has to satisfy strict requirements such as the GDPR in Europe or any other private or governmental security regulations.

Only optical transport layer encryption can ensure total protection of all in-flight data, all the time.

In order to secure any in-flight data, Ciena’s Wavelogic Encryption utilises an always-on encryption approach and the highest security cryptography algorithms available to disguise all data across the network. In-flight encryption makes data unusable to anyone trying to hack you. With WaveLogic Encryption, it’s simple to deploy and manage.

Is your network equipped to meet the highest security regulations such as the GDPR?

The General Data Protection Regulation (or GDPR) is now being enforced across the European Union. The GDPR has substantially increased fines for data breach involving personal data to €10,000,000—or 2% of total worldwide annual turnover—whichever is higher. And in-flight encryption is central to any integrated, end-to-end security strategy.

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