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Plan and Design Services

Our Plan and Design services combine flexible resources and expertise to drive the very best performance from your network. Whether you’re looking to optimize or upgrade to next-generation technology, design a new application, or build new infrastructure, these services leverage our experts to provide strategic analyses and customized solutions for you.

Architecture and design services: Solution design

Provides end-to-end network architectural and design support including higher-level solution principles and detailed network design data. 

Architecture and Design Services: Solution Acceptance

A comprehensive test methodology for complex scenarios across technologies. Applicable to numerous scenarios such as photonic and OTN networks with Layer 1 services, submarine integration, packet-optical networking, and integrating new equipment into NMS/OSS.

Network Analysis Services: Network Audit/Validation

Combines onsite and remote activities, performing data collection and analysis to ensure optimal performance of the network.

Network Analysis Services: GeoAnalytics

Detailed analytics that help customers understand the demand in targeted markets for specific services, aiding network expansion decisions.

Network Analysis Services: SLA Portal

Subscription service that gives end-users real-time visibility and network service-monitoring.

Network Health as a Service

Based on big data analytics, Network Health offers operators the ability to quickly identify and address areas where problems are likely to arise in a network. It helps shift network maintenance from reactive to proactive and provides guidance and insight on where the network is at risk.

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Topology Discovery

Topology Discovery allows the operator to maximize existing network utilization by uncovering real network connectivity, stitching circuits and identifying stranded bandwidth.

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Alarm Correlation

Alarm Correlation allows clustering of events and reduces the number of issues to troubleshoot by identifying related alarms and targeting them simultaneously.

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Optimization and Modernization Services: Reconfiguration and Migration

Delivers a customized set of procedures to reconfigure a live network. Can be used to migrate from legacy to new technologies, evolve traffic patterns, or perform node insertions.

Optimization and Modernization Services: Network Element Software Upgrade

Performs software upgrades on the customer’s network equipment that includes recommendation of the most suitable Ciena software release, planning and pre-test, upgrade execution, and final documentation.

Optimization and Modernization Services: NMS Installation and Upgrade

Delivers the installation and/or applies software upgrades for Ciena’s NMS solutions.

Optimization and Modernization Services: Circuit Provisioning

Provides circuit planning, provisioning, and testing for customer end-circuits.

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Transformation and Custom Engineering Services: Consulting Service

Provides customized solutions for network operations, engineering, and business challenges. Ciena consultants can complement or supplement a customer’s existing skills and resources. Consultants may operate onsite or remotely for short-term engagements, or reside at a customer site for an agreed-upon duration.

Transformation and Custom Engineering Services: Network Transformation

Consultative engagement involving data analysis and business modeling that leads to network optimization and migration to next-generation infrastructure.

Transformation and Custom Engineering Services: Managed Capacity

Provides baseline data, operational analysis, and recommendations to assist customers with network optimization, consolidation, migration, and new technology introduction.

Transformation and Custom Engineering Services: Custom Solution Engineering

Provides customized solutions and tools to address specific network needs including data extraction, portals, and diagnostics.

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